Friday, July 24, 2015

Utah Buskirk Reunion 2015

Last week we went to Utah for a reunion with the Buskirk clan! Allen & Liesl came out from Maryland and we loved hanging out with Shari, the Buskirks, and the Johnsons all week!

We drove from CA to Utah and only stopped a few too many times for the bathroom. 

Some of the places we visited included Swig (yummy cookies & flavored soda), Waffle Love, and Sweet Tooth Fairy. We also hiked Bridal Veil Falls and Battle Creek Falls, spent the day at Lagoon and Lagoon-A-Beach (Water park), played at the Provo Rec center and Shari's pool, watched The Minions with Buskirk cousins, had a reunion with a bunch of Kevin's cousins, watched Shauna sing in the 24th of July Mormon Tabernacle concert, and slept in till 10 or 11 some days! I also ran every morning with my mom and Shauna, Shari, Liesl and I had a fun afternoon out for lunch at Goodwood BBQ.

The main reason we went out to Utah was for my nephew Brett's mission farewell. He leaves for Taiwan in August. We are so excited for him!

After about a week of fun we drove home! Here are tons of pictures from the week. Someday I may come back and write more about them.