Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drama, Drama

If you already saw these pictures on Facebook, I apologize for the repeat... but they symbolize how this week is going... downhill fast :)

Hi, I'm Caitlin and I am positively adorable.

I'm going to give you my "I know I'm adorable" face.

I want that! (camera lens cover)

What do you mean you aren't going to give it to me?

I'm so mad I think I might pull off my face (creepy looking when she does this in person)

Maybe you'll let me hold it? (glimmer of hope)

You tease. I don't like you!

Are you kidding? You might give in?

Wow, that tantrum thing might really work?

Ah... I'm a genius. Got what I wanted. :)


Hmm... anyone wonder why she threw even more tantrums today? This stage is hysterical. Several times today Andrew and I just looked at each other and started laughing when this little cutie was throwing her head down against the hard wood floor and wailing... wanting something that we wouldn't let her have.

Drama, drama, drama... the teenage years are going to be awesome.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Baby is turning ONE next week

My little December sweetheart is turning ONE this Thursday (Dec 1st).

I can't BELIEVE it.

I also cannot believe she was ever this small.

I am hosting a little Mommy and Me Luncheon for her birthday with some of her little "friends" (meaning some of my friends who also had kids within in a few months of her birth that I hang out with a good amount).

My mom and I spent some quality time at Toys-R-Us today trying to decide what to get her for her birthday. One year olds are hard to buy for. They can't really do much... and we already have a lot of toys.

What's your favorite present to buy for one year olds? Or more specifically... one year old little girls? So far Catie's favorite toys are Andrew's police cars and firetruck, so it might be fun to get her something more girly?


Btw, isn't Cate just darling in these photos? Our favorite photographer Meghan snapped them and I love to just look at them over and over again. Someday I will also get some framed and put up in my house.

It took me almost 6 years to get my wedding album completed. Hopefully it doesn't take me that long to get family pictures framed and on the wall.

Tree Lighting Tradition and Black Friday Shopping

Tonight we went downtown for the lighting of the Old Oak Tree. I think it is a cute town tradition.

It wasn't as fun as I was hoping it would be... because I was a little cranky and so were my kiddos.

But we still had fun. The weather was much warmer than last year. There were free cookies and hot cider and hot cocoa to try... and my favorite treat- Peppermint Joe Joes distributed by the local Trader Joes store.

We all managed to find each other just in time for the tree to get lit...

Catie loved watching Andrew ride the train around with Grandma.

We grabbed some treats at our favorite chocolate shop.

Checked out the fire engines

Attempted to take a family picture... and then decided that the grumpy kids would go home with Kevin and Grandpa, while the girls stayed and bopped around some more.

We listened to music, ate treats, wandered around, and ran into a few friends.

We also watched some dance teams. I decided that I really hope Caitlin doesn't want to do dance when she gets older. The music and moves we were watching little girls do were so provocative that it made me a little sad (tear up sort of sad).

We watched a pretty sweet high school (or maybe middle school?) band rock out and then I loved the Nutcracker dancers. My only wish all night was that I was a little bit taller so I could've seen over the crowds a bit better.

After a day of Black Friday shopping... and then walking all over town we were exhausted!! Today was probably my most successful day of shopping ever. I got a new cute coat (picture above), new shoes, and some new outfits... in addition to several Mrs. Fields cookies.

It was a great day!

Side note- if you're looking for some cute holiday ideas even after all your Black Friday shopping, I'm giving away a fun little ZipBin storage playmat on my Toddler Approved blog this week. We love them and already have several at our house (in addition to a few that the company gave me to try out for free). There aren't too many people signed up yet, so your chances of winning are pretty high. :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Birthday

Considering I have thought I was 32 for the past 6 months... my birthday wasn't that exciting. :) Elise finally convinced me that we were in fact turning 32... so the birthday was kind of not a big deal... though it was nice to be younger than I thought I was. Happy Birthday to me :)

Jessie made me a cute vase filled with all of her favorite memories of the two of us (plus real flowers that are now making my bathroom look beautiful).

Andrew was super cute and managed to convince G&G Smith to buy him this fireman get-up at the Blackhawk toy store. He dressed up and put out fires all afternoon during quiet time and gave us a little break. Happy Birthday to me.

We had dinner at The Red Tractor Cafe in Dublin. They have yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries- my favorite. Catie stole my food and downed a lot of my milkshake (and conned Scotter into sharing a lot of his too). It was fun to celebrate with my fam (Scott, Cat, Dad, Mom, my kids, Kevin, and Jessie)... though Elise (and fam) were missed! I kept thinking she was there and then I'd look around to tell her something and she wasn't. :(

I got a huge Mrs. Fields cookie cake from Kevin and then a delicious fudge crunch ice cream cake too (all ice cream and crunchies- no cake).  We ate cake (pyro Andrew helped me blow out the candles) and then I opened presents.

My favorite gift was from Andrew & Caitlin. Kevin wrapped my present in a big shoe box and then hid it inside a big Williams Sonoma bag. I thought I was getting more hot cocoa and waffle mix and wasn't that excited about it. Once I opened the bag I thought I was getting shoes... and I wasn't too excited about that either. Then I opened the shoebox and discovered a brand spanking new Canon Rebel T2i camera. I was shocked since Kevin told me that my recent computer hardware upgrades (more memory/bigger hard drive) was all I was getting for my birthday. Cate & Andrew are great present givers though. I wonder what they'll get me for Christmas? :) (Thanks Jeremy for all of your hard work to help Kevin figure out what camera to get me... It is awesome!)

We ended the night with some Thanksgiving prep... and a painting party. Jessie won the prize for painting the best brown paper plate. :) Scott, Cat, and Jess (Especially Jess) were all good sports and helped me do some last minute crafting for the kids Thanksgiving table... and they didn't complain. What a nice birthday present.

Tomorrow we are having my birthday shopping spree with my mom and Jess while Kevin and my dad hang out with kiddos. I am excited!

Thanks for all of the Facebook birthday wishes, texts, phone calls, and cards. I am so lucky to have so many thoughtful friends!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brace yourselves for Thanksgiving overload

I got a new camera for my birthday yesterday. I have no idea how to use it yet... (it is super fancy). I do know how to press the button to take photos though... and everyone humored me today and let me practice a lot! I think I snapped a photo during every moment of our Thanksgiving day (except for me looking super ugly in my running clothes on our morning jog). Enjoy the pictures and Happy Thanksgiving!

Making rolls with grandma (their tradition)

Kids table- tutorials for the placemat and turkey chair backers are on my Toddler Approved blog

Little pilgrims

The fancy table- we fit 11... it was nice and cozy... and we took the easy route and used paper products. 
We were all grateful... especially Jenny.

Some of the chefs!

The turkey carver

My #1 favorite part of the meal

Rainbow jello by the Heymans- yum!

The adults (minus Chris- taking the picture)

The kiddos kept themselves occupied while we talked and ate (since they finished way too quickly)

Goofing around

The couples

One of my favorite pics of the day- Grandma & Catie

The kiddos

Catie looking adoringly at Uncle Scott (she has a little crush)

My favorite little guest (and his mom)

Naptime & movie time

Chris is henceforth the designated Thanksgiving Activities director... 1,2,3... kick the tower down! 

The desserts (I should've gotten pics before we dug in)

My #2 favorite part of the meal- chocolate pudding pie
(we made 3 of these... just so we'd have lots of leftovers)

The pilgrims

At the end of the day I am grateful for...

- Mom who slaved in the kitchen while still managing to play with the grandkids and keep them happy all day long (I think they like her better than me now)

- Jenny who did ALL of the dishes and cleaned up lots of the toys... and made rainbow jello. Heymans definitely scored an invite back to Thanksgiving dinner

- Little adorable Spencer. What a cutie!

- My sweet kiddos... and especially Kevin. I tend to get stressed out before we host an event at our house. He did a great job at not acting like he wanted to kill me. He also sets a mean paper plate Thanksgiving table.

- Wonderful family and friends who spent the day hanging out with us! Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Props to you if you made it through all my pictures.