Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brace yourselves for Thanksgiving overload

I got a new camera for my birthday yesterday. I have no idea how to use it yet... (it is super fancy). I do know how to press the button to take photos though... and everyone humored me today and let me practice a lot! I think I snapped a photo during every moment of our Thanksgiving day (except for me looking super ugly in my running clothes on our morning jog). Enjoy the pictures and Happy Thanksgiving!

Making rolls with grandma (their tradition)

Kids table- tutorials for the placemat and turkey chair backers are on my Toddler Approved blog

Little pilgrims

The fancy table- we fit 11... it was nice and cozy... and we took the easy route and used paper products. 
We were all grateful... especially Jenny.

Some of the chefs!

The turkey carver

My #1 favorite part of the meal

Rainbow jello by the Heymans- yum!

The adults (minus Chris- taking the picture)

The kiddos kept themselves occupied while we talked and ate (since they finished way too quickly)

Goofing around

The couples

One of my favorite pics of the day- Grandma & Catie

The kiddos

Catie looking adoringly at Uncle Scott (she has a little crush)

My favorite little guest (and his mom)

Naptime & movie time

Chris is henceforth the designated Thanksgiving Activities director... 1,2,3... kick the tower down! 

The desserts (I should've gotten pics before we dug in)

My #2 favorite part of the meal- chocolate pudding pie
(we made 3 of these... just so we'd have lots of leftovers)

The pilgrims

At the end of the day I am grateful for...

- Mom who slaved in the kitchen while still managing to play with the grandkids and keep them happy all day long (I think they like her better than me now)

- Jenny who did ALL of the dishes and cleaned up lots of the toys... and made rainbow jello. Heymans definitely scored an invite back to Thanksgiving dinner

- Little adorable Spencer. What a cutie!

- My sweet kiddos... and especially Kevin. I tend to get stressed out before we host an event at our house. He did a great job at not acting like he wanted to kill me. He also sets a mean paper plate Thanksgiving table.

- Wonderful family and friends who spent the day hanging out with us! Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Props to you if you made it through all my pictures.


Jenny said...

So many cute photos! I'm loving your new camera. I'm so happy you got a picture of the rainbow Jello and all our festivities. Thanks for being such an amazing host and letting us come celebrate with you! The children's table was especially amazing.

The Vintage Chateau said...

What fun pictures! You'll have a great time with your new camera. I love all of the pictures of your parents and the kids, they look great. Oh, and we had rainbow jello salad too!

Chrissie said...

I made it through. :) Fun and yummy!