Friday, March 18, 2016

St Patrick's Day Buskirk Style

I kinda love St. Patrick's Day because it is a small holiday with low expectations. Catie's teacher asked for a little class party so that kicked it up a notch, but overall it was pretty low key and full of green and gold.

I managed to find shirts for all the kiddos at The Children's Place on sale a week ago. That is HUGE for me. Normally I am buying stuff the day before. 

After Andrew went to school me and the girls lounged a bit and made homemade play dough (thanks to the great recipe from The Imagination Tree). Kevin took Ryan to an allergist appointment.

After gathering a lot of materials, Catie, Annabelle, and I went to TK for a class party! I set up some fun centers with a few parent helpers.

The stations included the following...

1. Spin Art Shamrocks using salad spinners
2. Digging for Leprechaun's gold (ice excavation)
3. Fruit loop shamrock necklaces
4. St. Patrick's Day BINGO
5. Shamrock making play dough station
6. Build a pop out rainbow
7. Make a rainbow fruit pizza (greek yogurt, sugar cookies, and pieces of fruit in rainbow colors)

We also had fizzy shamrock painting and a gold hunt ready to go, but we didn't get to those.

After school I got a diet coke and literally sat on the couch for 3-4 hours feeding this crazy girl. That is her favorite cluster feeding time. Good thing the kids like to jump on the trampoline for awhile.

We also took some pictures. I sure love her.

She tried out the Bumbo too.

Ryan ran around getting into mischief like any good little Leprechaun and the big kids kept trying to guess when the actual Leprechaun was coming to our house. Apparently he was too tired last night and this morning.

We ate dinner, the kids jumped more on the trampoline, and then finally at 7:30pm they came inside and discovered that the Leprechaun had destroyed their rooms. Catie had a table on her bed, there were books in Ryan's crib, messes everywhere, and chocolate coins all over the floor. The Leprechaun had even left the toilet green. 

After laughing, squealing, and inhaling chocolate coins we finally got everyone calmed down and into bed. Besides a few minor tantrums and injuries and maybe a thirty minute period where everyone was crying... it was a pretty good day. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thank goodness it is Friday tomorrow and next week isn't conference week!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Annabelle at 2 months

Annabelle is 10 lbs 14 ounces (47%), 22 inches (37%), and her head circumference is 38cm (51%)

She is our smallest 2 month old yet! Andrew was 13 lbs by now and Catie & Ryan were both more than 12 lbs.

Take a look back...
Andrew 2 months
Caitlin 2 months (doctor's appointment)
Ryan 2 months

Annabelle smiles, has strong neck control, visually tracks us, has a great set of lungs, and sleeps between 6-7 hours in a row at night. One night she slept 9.5 hours. Crazy! Hopefully that trend continues to help keep me sane! She also still eats almost every 2 hours (for an hour)... if not more often! She loves to be held and cuddled.

She wears size 1 or 2 diapers, size newborn and/or 0-3 month old clothes. She sleeps in my closet in the rock n' play. She hates the car and/or her carseat. She loves to be up looking around.

Here is my blog post on how we are keeping sane with a newborn and three other crazy kids.

Annabelle was blessed over the weekend and celebrated her 2 month birthday a few days early with a lot of family! We sure love her!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Annabelle's Blessing

Annabelle was blessed today at church by her dad! 

So grateful that Grandma Julie, Grandpa Kim, Grandma Shari, and the Caffees were able to come from Utah for her special day today and Andrew's baptism yesterday.

The Smiths, Thomanders, and Heymans drove in from around the Bay and Uncle Allen and cousin Leah flew from Baltimore to be at the baptism yesterday and blessing today. The Heymans are 4/4 in attending all of our baby blessings! How cool to have them so close by.

Annabelle's middle name is Elise, after her Aunt Elise... so we had to snag a picture of them together!

This little sweetheart was so peaceful and calm during her blessing and was wide awake. We sure love her!

After the blessing we had a yummy brunch back at our house with family. We ate blueberry muffins, coffee cake, yogurt parfaits, delicious crockpot breakfast casserole, and leftover treats from last night. The kiddos also made rainbow fruit loop necklaces for awhile. It was so fun!

We spent the rainy day chatting and eating and enjoying time together! I am so grateful for everyone that was able to sacrifice time to make it to celebrate with us this weekend!

Take a look back to...

Andrew's blessing
Caitlin's blessing
Ryan's blessing

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Andrew's Baptism

Today (Saturday, March 12th) Andrew was baptized! So many family members and friends came to support him on his big day!

Andrew was baptized by his dad and confirmed by his Grandpa Kim. 

Uncle Allen and his cousin Leah came all the way from Baltimore. They accompanied the primary chorus musical number I Am a Child of God. Leah played the violin and Allen played the piano.

Grandma Julie gave a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost, Elise & Jessie said the opening and closing prayers, and Scott & Dan were the witnesses. Grandma Shari played the prelude and closing song and Allen conducted the music. Andrew & Kevin played a gorgeous duet on the piano- When I Am Baptized.

So many wonderful families attended including Bishop and Sister Christensen, President and Sister Carter, Andrew's primary teachers Sister Bates and Sister Trueman, plus the whole Trueman clan. The Connors family also came along with the Bryant Smith family and the Heyman family. Andrew's regular awesome babysitters Ashley and Alexa (and her mom) also came as did our Palo Alto friend Jeremy Dittmer.

In addition to those friends/family all of my sisters and their families along with my brother and his family came! Plus Grandpa Kim & Julie of course! We were also so grateful that Grandma Shari was able to come along with Uncle Allen and Leah! 

Afterwards we had a family gathering back at my house with a Chipotle taco bar and loads of desserts. It was yummy and I think we'll be eating leftover Chipotle for awhile. We had 16 adults and 21 kids in my house on a very rainy wet day so it definitely was filled with a lot of energy!