Friday, March 18, 2016

St Patrick's Day Buskirk Style

I kinda love St. Patrick's Day because it is a small holiday with low expectations. Catie's teacher asked for a little class party so that kicked it up a notch, but overall it was pretty low key and full of green and gold.

I managed to find shirts for all the kiddos at The Children's Place on sale a week ago. That is HUGE for me. Normally I am buying stuff the day before. 

After Andrew went to school me and the girls lounged a bit and made homemade play dough (thanks to the great recipe from The Imagination Tree). Kevin took Ryan to an allergist appointment.

After gathering a lot of materials, Catie, Annabelle, and I went to TK for a class party! I set up some fun centers with a few parent helpers.

The stations included the following...

1. Spin Art Shamrocks using salad spinners
2. Digging for Leprechaun's gold (ice excavation)
3. Fruit loop shamrock necklaces
4. St. Patrick's Day BINGO
5. Shamrock making play dough station
6. Build a pop out rainbow
7. Make a rainbow fruit pizza (greek yogurt, sugar cookies, and pieces of fruit in rainbow colors)

We also had fizzy shamrock painting and a gold hunt ready to go, but we didn't get to those.

After school I got a diet coke and literally sat on the couch for 3-4 hours feeding this crazy girl. That is her favorite cluster feeding time. Good thing the kids like to jump on the trampoline for awhile.

We also took some pictures. I sure love her.

She tried out the Bumbo too.

Ryan ran around getting into mischief like any good little Leprechaun and the big kids kept trying to guess when the actual Leprechaun was coming to our house. Apparently he was too tired last night and this morning.

We ate dinner, the kids jumped more on the trampoline, and then finally at 7:30pm they came inside and discovered that the Leprechaun had destroyed their rooms. Catie had a table on her bed, there were books in Ryan's crib, messes everywhere, and chocolate coins all over the floor. The Leprechaun had even left the toilet green. 

After laughing, squealing, and inhaling chocolate coins we finally got everyone calmed down and into bed. Besides a few minor tantrums and injuries and maybe a thirty minute period where everyone was crying... it was a pretty good day. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thank goodness it is Friday tomorrow and next week isn't conference week!

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