Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ryan's 5th Birthday!

Ryan is 5! Here are about 5,000 more pictures than you'll ever need sharing all of the details of our birthday weekend celebrating Ryan!

We started off Ryan's birthday with a birthday breakfast. He selected donut holes! :) He brought bouncy balls to TK for all his friends and then for his birthday dinner we went to San Francisco creamery!

He had an ice cream sundae with bubble gum ice cream, cookie dough balls, whipped cream, and a cherry! I sure love him! Scroll down for details on his party.

For Ryan's bday party we had a simple Halloween party with a few friends. Here are a few of our activities:

  1. Pumpkin decorating
  2. Halloween M&M Bingo
  3. Fizzy Pumpkin science
  4. Nerf Zap the Ghosts target practice
  5. Make your own mummy pizzas!
  6. Boo Bananas
  7. Candy Walk
  8. Pin the mouth on the pumpkin (thanks Corinne!)
  9. Make your name necklaces
  10. Ice cream cake! (cookie dough and chocolate- yum!)

Ryan is so fun to have in our family! He is such a happy, energetic, helpful boy! We sure love him!