Sunday, March 25, 2012

What do you do when it rains?


Cuddle with doggies

with cookies, crafts, games, and an egg hunt

Have the preschooler chef make us pizza bagels

Do lots of gymnastics

Get a new haircut

Salivate and try to steal mommy's chocolate

Cuddle with daddy

Check out the amazing rain downpour by looking out the window

Steal bites of daddy's lemon cake

Fill up water balloons

Then throw them outside into the rain (sometimes hitting daddy :))

Go on The Amazing Date in the pouring rain... and launch water balloons, run in a giant human gerbil ball, drive around town like crazy people, go bowling, play the Newlywed Game, do zumba, play dodgeball, and on and on... Great night!

Fill Easter Eggs... so then we can open them up and eat the candy (repeat)

Help make bunny hats for newborn babies at the hospital... and then try them on :)

Can't believe my babies ever wore these hats and looked small!

We've had a fun few days with all the rain! Andrew and I also had a Mommy & Andrew date and we did some puddle jumping. This week my goal is to get Catie her own rain boots so that she can come jump with us too!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 23, 2012

In love...

with her sippy.

Some days take longer than others to get out of the house. Today was one of the longer days. This afternoon we wanted to head to the mall, so we grabbed the important things and headed out the door. Caitlin had to have her sippy and hold it all by herself. I always let her walk to the car by herself, so I documented the slow process. Andrew and I were cracking up.

Taking a sip

Debating whether it was worth it to give me her sippy so that she could actually crawl down the stairs

Taking another drink

Handed me her sippy and then was really mad about it

But managed to finally get to the car so that we could go.

A few hours later when we got home she figured out how to wrangle two sippy cups from the car, up the stairs, and into the house and declared victory! She was so proud of herself!

This girl makes me laugh! I love having her as my little buddy- drama and all.

Fridays are our slow days and I love it! We dropped Andrew off at open gym for gymnastics and Catie and I got hot cocoa at Starbucks. After gymnastics we went to Target to grab Catie some new shirts and clippies (Andrew is so helpful, he loves to show me clothes for Catie and say, "this is cute mom, we should get this for Catie.") For once he actually found something for himself (besides treats) so we totally bought it- Spiderman pjs. The kid was in heaven. The Marvel Spiderman TV shows from the 1980s are his new Netflix obsession. We also went to the park, made bagel pizzas (thanks to super chef Andrew), had naptime/quiet time, and then had some dinner/playtime at the mall!

After Catie hit the sack we had movie night with popcorn and I took a nap :) Andrew's movie night choice was really boring. After he went to bed, Catie decided to wake up and party, so we watched some chick flicks and ate Mrs. Fields cookies for a bit before I put her back to sleep. I think I will be hitting the sack early tonight. I am already sensing I haven't heard the last from my little chick flick buddy.

What a fabulous Friday! Let's hope Friday night/early Saturday morning treat me well too!

March Catch up

I take a lot of photos with my phone and then forget about them. Here are a few pictures that capture some of the things we've been up to this month so far!

Andrew celebrated his birthday at preschool. They saved the celebration for the day when I was volunteering. He got sung to and got to bring the "birthday bear" home. He loved getting to snuggle with it at nighttime and Catie loved it too!

My neighbor Sahar wrote a children's book called Lili's Strawberry House. She did an author reading at Studio Grow on March 2nd for Read Across America Day, so we went and participated! The kids made a little craft and learned about the book.

Andrew also celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday at preschool. After this picture was taken, Caitlin confiscated the hat and wore it for days afterwards. She really wishes she could go to preschool!

One of the kids at preschool had a gymnastic birthday party. Andrew was excited because two of his best buds were there. They had a blast and so did the moms (who just sat in the lobby and chatted the whole party).

He said it was the best birthday in the whole world!

Catie is done taking morning naps, so we have lots of time to spend together while Andrew is at preschool now. We run errands, work out, and do lots of playing. She is also awesome at helping me with chores.

She loves to pull all the clothes out of the drawers after I put them away :)

Catie also spends a lot of time in this position (both at preschool and Andrew's sports skills class). She waits and watches and actually is a really good sport just hanging out while we drive Andrew from place to place.

When he's at sports skills class she'll run around the lobby when they play music and loves to watch the kids work out. She also just sits in the chair next to me and watches Sesame Street on my phone. She is my favorite little buddy.

Last Friday during the pouring rain my friend invited me to venture up to Berkeley with her to go to Habitot, a children's discovery museum. It was psychotically crowded, but the kids had a lot of fun.

Catie had a little buddy her age and Andrew had a buddy his age and their favorite spot was pretending to work at the space station and drive the rocket.

They also loved drawing on their faces with water/crayons to do face painting. I made Catie into a kitty and she loved it... and tried to draw more on her face.

Andrew and his buddy Jed just drew whatever they wanted on their faces and it was really funny.

This week we had a family date to Baskin & Robbins. Shari gave Andrew gift certificates to ice cream for his birthday... so it was about time we used them!

Both kids kept us thoroughly entertained the whole time... especially Catie who wanted everyone's ice cream and wanted to feed herself! Andrew was awesome at sharing and she loved having him feed her too (though he dropped a lot in her lap!)

It has been a busy and very fun month so far! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kevin's Birthday!

Today was Kevin's birthday. I believe in the concept of a "birth month," so we just got started with the celebrating today... there is more to come!

First, the kids and I trekked down to Mountain View to pick Kevin up at Google and head over to one of our favorite Indian restaurants- Shivas. They have a delicious lunch buffet and we went to town. I loved that they just kept bringing baskets and baskets of naan. Jessie also joined us for lunch and helped us keep the kids entertained while all three of us scarfed down our food and chatted a bit.

Next, the kids and I ventured up to Sibby's cupcakery in San Mateo to grab Kevin a birthday surprise on our way home. I have been hearing about these cupcakes from Kevin for years, but have never had a moment to go up  there. 

They gave me a variety of flavors and they were delish! I especially loved the red velvet ones.

We grabbed some balloons for Kevin at the store (another birthday sacrifice since Catie decided to scream at super high frequencies all afternoon- especially in stores- even though we actually managed to get her home in time for a nap).... and Andrew also made Kevin a b-day card (I did not do that stellar of a job with the letter writing... but oh well)

I put Catie to bed at her usual 5:30pm time, but somehow we managed to disturb her around 6:30 (she must've known she was going to miss the b-day party), so we let her come down and join us for some cupcakes before we put her back to bed.

We have got one enormous messy chocoholic over here

Andrew was so excited about the cupcakes that he tried to give me the biggest smile ever... all that concentration = closed eyes :)

Kevin's birthday was awesome. His favorite present was his new car that he bought himself a month or so ago... it will also make a great Father's Day and Christmas present next year too :) One of these days I will manage to snap a photo of it. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite friend and our favorite dad on the planet!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Playtime

We had a lot of playtime outside this weekend. The weather was gorgeous! I managed to snap a few photos when the kids were running around outside after church.

Playing peekaboo with me

Concentrating to look for birdies

Still wondering where the birdies were

An accident waiting to happen... but so cute

Finally found the birdies

Our gorgeous trees... if only the petals would just stay there


Always running somewhere

Daddy's helper

A little scowl... since she's not getting her way

Always trying to catch up

First time playing basketball...

and she scores! :)

Love these guys!

Kevin and I also managed to have fun and get a few things done.

Andrew and I did these projects (below) and posted about them on a few blogs and I managed to go on a nice long Saturday run...

Rainbow Board Game
St. Patrick's Day Yarn Art
Lego Rainbow

and Kevin got some good things done on his car. Hooray for weekends!

We also got to sneak off for a date night with two other couples to a yummy restaurant. I am still dreaming about the chocolate cream pie I ate.

We had too many late nights and early mornings though... so I'm hoping we get a break during the week!