Friday, March 23, 2012

In love...

with her sippy.

Some days take longer than others to get out of the house. Today was one of the longer days. This afternoon we wanted to head to the mall, so we grabbed the important things and headed out the door. Caitlin had to have her sippy and hold it all by herself. I always let her walk to the car by herself, so I documented the slow process. Andrew and I were cracking up.

Taking a sip

Debating whether it was worth it to give me her sippy so that she could actually crawl down the stairs

Taking another drink

Handed me her sippy and then was really mad about it

But managed to finally get to the car so that we could go.

A few hours later when we got home she figured out how to wrangle two sippy cups from the car, up the stairs, and into the house and declared victory! She was so proud of herself!

This girl makes me laugh! I love having her as my little buddy- drama and all.

Fridays are our slow days and I love it! We dropped Andrew off at open gym for gymnastics and Catie and I got hot cocoa at Starbucks. After gymnastics we went to Target to grab Catie some new shirts and clippies (Andrew is so helpful, he loves to show me clothes for Catie and say, "this is cute mom, we should get this for Catie.") For once he actually found something for himself (besides treats) so we totally bought it- Spiderman pjs. The kid was in heaven. The Marvel Spiderman TV shows from the 1980s are his new Netflix obsession. We also went to the park, made bagel pizzas (thanks to super chef Andrew), had naptime/quiet time, and then had some dinner/playtime at the mall!

After Catie hit the sack we had movie night with popcorn and I took a nap :) Andrew's movie night choice was really boring. After he went to bed, Catie decided to wake up and party, so we watched some chick flicks and ate Mrs. Fields cookies for a bit before I put her back to sleep. I think I will be hitting the sack early tonight. I am already sensing I haven't heard the last from my little chick flick buddy.

What a fabulous Friday! Let's hope Friday night/early Saturday morning treat me well too!

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Liz said...

The rough life of a toddler!! Little Catie is such a cutie!