Sunday, March 25, 2012

What do you do when it rains?


Cuddle with doggies

with cookies, crafts, games, and an egg hunt

Have the preschooler chef make us pizza bagels

Do lots of gymnastics

Get a new haircut

Salivate and try to steal mommy's chocolate

Cuddle with daddy

Check out the amazing rain downpour by looking out the window

Steal bites of daddy's lemon cake

Fill up water balloons

Then throw them outside into the rain (sometimes hitting daddy :))

Go on The Amazing Date in the pouring rain... and launch water balloons, run in a giant human gerbil ball, drive around town like crazy people, go bowling, play the Newlywed Game, do zumba, play dodgeball, and on and on... Great night!

Fill Easter Eggs... so then we can open them up and eat the candy (repeat)

Help make bunny hats for newborn babies at the hospital... and then try them on :)

Can't believe my babies ever wore these hats and looked small!

We've had a fun few days with all the rain! Andrew and I also had a Mommy & Andrew date and we did some puddle jumping. This week my goal is to get Catie her own rain boots so that she can come jump with us too!

Happy Sunday!