Monday, March 5, 2012

Lovin February

February was probably the busiest month we've had in awhile. It might have even been busier than December, if that's possible...

I blogged about some of it, and then missed a whole bunch of fun things... so I'm just going to share some highlights that I managed to snap pictures of.

Valentine's Day

I spent the morning decorating for the Valentine's Day Stake Dance with some friends.

The decorating crew and some of the little helpers.

Andrew had preschool and brought home a stash of valentines- 30+

We went to church for a little kid's Valentine's Day party that I put together.

It was pure madness, though lots of fun. 20+ kids ages 0-5. 

We ate treats, made a love bug craft, played games, made valentines for the missionaries, and hung out and socialized.

Catie thought she was such a big girl. Throwing a party with a clingy 1-year-old is tough. :) I felt like I got a great workout carrying her around while I played party coordinator.

Andrew checked out his stash of Valentines and then never looked at them again other than when we did a few crafts with them (though he didn't want me to toss them). There was no candy, so he wasn't overly interested. They are still on the counter. I need to recycle them.

In the afternoon on Valentine's Day we went to a basketball game for one of the girls from church. She scored a bunch of points. Andrew forgot his shoes, so he went shoeless. I was embarrassed for sec and then got over it. The iPad made him so popular that no one noticed.

Valentine's Day evening Kevin and I chaperoned the Stake valentine's Day dance.

We even got a couple photo in the "photo booth." Below Andrew & Cate are modeling the photo booth props I made and bought for the night.

I also came up with an idea to have a graffiti wall at the dance. I think the kids liked it.

Later that same week Andrew got a sweet shiner when he fell running on the playground. Ugh! It was so huge and ugly for over a week (this barely shows anything). So glad it is gone. I was worried all week that someone was going to call CPS on me.

Anniversary Trip to Florida

On Friday the 17th Kevin and I left the kiddos in the care of Scott, Cat, and Jessie and we flew off to Florida for an anniversary trip by ourselves!! It was heaven!

In Ft. Lauderdale we met up with my cousin Allison and her husband Rick for a night on the town. We went to a yummy steak restaurant that had amazing double baked potatoes. I am still dreaming about them.

We walked around downtown and went to the beach.

and we ended the night by hitting up Jaxson's... a delicious ice cream place with huge sundaes. Rick told the waiter it was our anniversary, so they brought out our ice cream with a big sparkler. So fun! Ignore the fact that I look hideous in this picture. By this point we'd been up for over a day (since we took the red-eye to Florida).

Cute Rick & Allison! Wish they lived closer!

Doesn't that look amazing? We couldn't finish it.

We spent another day in Ft. Lauderdale exploring via water taxi. We did lots of shopping, ate good food, rode the boat all over, and walked a lot.

On our last full day in Florida we drove down to Miami- South Beach area and went to the beach, went shopping, and had some delicious food... and more ice cream.

We basically looked up all the best ice cream spots in Southern Florida and tried to hit them all. This one was pretty yummy.

After we shopped till we dropped (literally- I had such huge blisters that I practically had to get carried to the car).... we drove from Miami to Orlando (3-4 hours) to check into our new hotel at Walt Disney World.

We stayed at The Grand Floridian. I could've relaxed there for another week.

We grabbed the shuttle bus and trekked over to Downtown Disney for dinner at The House of Blues. I had no idea how big Disney World was. Oh my goodness!

Afterward we bought presents for the kiddos and went to the mini Ghirardelli Square in Downtown Disney and felt like we were back home :)

The next morning I woke up bright and early to fly home and Kevin got to work (the reason we went to Florida was bc he had a business trip there... so we flew out a few days before his conference).

We were so grateful for Scott, Cat, and Jessie for taking such good care of our babies while we were gone. They did such a great job that the kids revolted when I got back and were crazy for me for a few days :)

Thank goodness for the wonderful and relaxing anniversary trip that I could think about every time the kiddos started driving me totally batty!

There are a few more items to share about for February, but I'll put them in another post. This one has become insanely long!


Liz said...

Tons of fun!!

Did your stake really have a dance in the middle of the week??

Your trip to FL sounds heavenly.

And, honestly, all I could think about after I saw the pictures of the first ice cream sundae was how much I want ice cream right now.

Kristina said...

Yes Liz. Dance on Tuesday night :) ages 12+ Happy V-day to us ;)

Go get some ice cream! You deserve it!

Ashley said...

I would like to start being a third wheel on your trips--you guys know how to travel! Good for you for getting away kid-free! And oh the pain of hosting something with a one-year-old on your hip--not to mention trying to get it planned or set-up! I am amazed at all you do. I think I need to up my diet coke intake.

Lopez Family said...

u seriously amaze me with all that you do.. always fun!!! totally agree with ashley i need to up my diet coke intake..