Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Girls Weekend!

One of my best friends from college flew into town this past weekend and we had our own little crafty and creative girls weekend! Etta and I played BYU women's lacrosse together for several years and now work together on my Toddler Approved blog, so we talk a lot and have a lot of fun together. She lives across the country, so we don't see each other nearly enough!

We were so busy that we only managed to snap one picture of the two of us together when we were pulling into the airport to drop Etta off on Sunday. The weekend flew by way too fast!

I think we need to make this trip an annual one!

We went to see The Vow, walked the Lafayette Reservoir, played with my crazy kids (Andrew is in love with Etta and has been asking me when she is coming back for the past two days), went out to eat, took the kids to Studio Grow, visited with friends at the park, hung out with the ladies of the neighborhood in the cul-de-sac, shopped (who knew JoAnns could be so nice without screaming children?), and then worked our little fingers to death creating a few crafty items for the kiddos.

Andrew loved helping out.

He was really excited about the special creation we made for him. I'll share it on my Toddler Approved blog later this week. 

Etta coached me through making a few things. :) I learned that I can actual sew straight and 30 times the charm with threading needles and putting the bobbin in. I also learned that I like actually sewing better than cutting fabric. It is torture!

Etta gave Andrew the special job of putting the pins back in the pin cushion as we sewed. He loved it!

We made a few kid-related projects and then worked on a few projects for me. I'll post them when I manage to get pictures (and/or finish them). Mostly we had fun chatting while we were creating.

We ended the night by making a bunch of these candles to give as gifts to some ladies at church. We were exhausted by the time we finally made it to bed!

 We woke up bright and early the next day to take Etta to the airport a 7am! I was so sad to see her go and am hoping that we can get together again soon!

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