Monday, March 5, 2012

Caitlin at 15 months

Catie had her 15 month doctor's appointment today. She actually turned 15 months on March 1st.

Taking both Andrew and Cate to a doctor's appointment feels like running a marathon... so I definitely didn't get a moment to snap any photos. Thank goodness for the iPad and my phone though... at least Andrew wasn't jumping off chairs. Cate was challenging enough to deal with :)

She is such a big girl now!

Here are her 15 month stats:
Height- 32.5 in (95%)
Weight- 24.37 lbs (75%)
Head circum.- 47.50 (90%) 

I am so glad that she's just a good walker (and kind of a good listener) now so that I don't have to carry her as much. She is heavy!

This is a picture that describes Cate at 15 months well- moving, messy, and loving her animals!

I call her the dog chaser. She has the most amazing eyes for dogs. She can spot them from like a mile away. She is also IN LOVE with all of her stuffed animals.

She is also the cutest cuddle bug ever. She will read books and sit on your lap forever. I love how she'll just fall into my lap and want to cuddle all the time.

Catie also throws some mean tantrums... the sort that have her head, arms, and legs all kicking. It makes me laugh so hard. Fortunately she must realize how silly she looks, because if I can't figure out what she wants, we just laugh (quietly) and ignore her and she snaps herself out of the tantrums and tries to communicate in a better way.

Catie is also learning some words... you know, only the most important ones though :)
Dadda, Mama, Elmo, Doggy, Duckie, Woof, Quack, Kiss (the chocolate kind), Hi, and M&M.

Andrew swears she knows how to say his name (and told the doctor that today), but I have never heard it. He loves telling me about the different new words that she says... I think he must speak "Catie" though, because I can't decipher any of the words he is hearing.

I can't believe my baby is 15 months old!

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