Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Playtime

We had a lot of playtime outside this weekend. The weather was gorgeous! I managed to snap a few photos when the kids were running around outside after church.

Playing peekaboo with me

Concentrating to look for birdies

Still wondering where the birdies were

An accident waiting to happen... but so cute

Finally found the birdies

Our gorgeous trees... if only the petals would just stay there


Always running somewhere

Daddy's helper

A little scowl... since she's not getting her way

Always trying to catch up

First time playing basketball...

and she scores! :)

Love these guys!

Kevin and I also managed to have fun and get a few things done.

Andrew and I did these projects (below) and posted about them on a few blogs and I managed to go on a nice long Saturday run...

Rainbow Board Game
St. Patrick's Day Yarn Art
Lego Rainbow

and Kevin got some good things done on his car. Hooray for weekends!

We also got to sneak off for a date night with two other couples to a yummy restaurant. I am still dreaming about the chocolate cream pie I ate.

We had too many late nights and early mornings though... so I'm hoping we get a break during the week!


Sara said...

You've got a cute little girl there! She is adorable!

Liz said...

You're pictures are awesome!! Of course, your kids are darling, too! :)