Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Scott!

It was my brother Scott's birthday yesterday. Jessie and I coordinated a little family party to celebrate.

Scott requested burgers, waffle fries, and milkshakes for his birthday meal. I attempted to make Julie Smith's famous milkshakes ;) and they didn't turn out too bad. Kevin made his special hamburgers and homemade BBQ sauce too. Dinner was delish!

Afterwards we lounged outside in the amazing Bay area weather (I am so glad we pay insane home prices for this weather... it really has been worth it lately). Then we played some games that Jessie organized.

Pass the package was hysterical. Whenever Andrew had to open a new layer of wrapping paper he would yell, "I am so confused!!!!" It was so funny. I think the presents were wrapped 10 times each. It was worth it though. Scott's Angry Birds flashlight will keep him happy forever and Andrew's Angry Birds squishy ball was a hit too!

We also played "Pin the Technology on Scotty." Jessie made an awesome picture of Scott and then we worked together to draw some technology accessories. I'm very proud of my iPad and MacBook. :)

We ended the night with a mini cake (since you have to blow out candles on your birthday... even when everyone is too full to actually eat any cake).

Such a great night! I am so grateful to have Scott, Cat, and Jessie living so close by! Happy Birthday Scott!

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