Thursday, October 29, 2009

Googleween 2009

Andrew was so excited about his party with dad that he wouldn't take a nap all day today and just cried and yelled "party!" when I tried to attempt to put him down. He also threw a tantrum when Kev left this morning and was pounding on the door yelling "daddy," "party!"

I eventually gave up trying to make him take a nap.

Of course he fell asleep on the 15 minute drive to Google. Fortunately he's almost always happy after a quick cat nap.

We went into Kev's office to see his new cube and check out Andrew's favorite part of Google- the big bouncy balls. He probably would've been happy skipping the party, he loves them so much.

After getting all signed in, we headed off to the festivities.

Since it was not raining this year, there were tons of people... unlike last year's wet event.

There were lots of caramel apples and several different types of sugar cookies. The cookies were much better than last year's cookies, so I was happy. :)

Little man loved the hugeness of the pumpkin cookie, but wasn't too interested in eating any of the treats.

Kevin eating treats while Andrew people-watched... He loved anytime he saw an Elmo. There were several. I am glad we nixed that idea and went with the pirate costume.

The water all around at the buildings was the coolest thing to Andrew. I had to watch him carefully or this little pirate would've walked the plank and jumped in.

Showing off his sword fighting skills for the ladies

Holding Kevin hostage until he would give up some caramel apple

Andrew's favorite station this year was the coloring station. He was mostly intrigued with the crayons. I think we came home with 3 boxes of Halloween crayons. Surprisingly I don't think he bit the heads off any of them.

Caught red-handed stealing another box of crayons... guess that's what pirates do?

We finally tore him away from the coloring to go check out the Kiddie Kaleidoscope show.

Here are a few of his dance moves/poses.

His new form of dancing includes jumping... he actually got air on one foot

Relaxing with dad

The party was huge this year, but a lot of fun. Andrew eventually got tired and said "all done" so we headed home.

This is him about 5 minutes after we left Google.

Must've been a fun party!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Andrew got his splint off yesterday. He was pretty happy about it... and also stoked about getting another lollipop. Our X-ray experience was just as full of crying, squirming, and screaming as it was last week... and still yielded no results.

I feel like we should be happy that the doctor didn't see anything on the x-ray, but Andrew still hasn't started feeling better... so I'm kind of worried.

He has periods of the day when he limps around the house and we play and then there are other periods of time when he cries and says "hurts" and can't stop crying and just says, "hug." I love that he says "hug." It is so darling to me that he knows what he needs and is able to verbalize it.

Today we made a tunnel. He is loving tunnels lately. He gets so excited when we drive through tunnels or anything that seems like a tunnel... I was glad to snap some shots of him so happy as he limped through his "tunnel."

His leg starting hurting after not too long and we ended the evening with more hugs, lots of crying, and eventually Andrew just signed "all done" and wanted to go to bed way early.

I am hoping he magically wakes up feeling better... otherwise we may be calling our pediatrician again tomorrow. I would actually love to have him wearing a splint again... he was a lot happier and more active with it on.

I can't believe such a silly incident could cause so much sadness for my little guy! Every day I continue to feel so bad about causing it!

On a positive note, he watched three episodes of "Yo Gabba Gabba" today and some Elmo and I got a lot of packing done. Having an immobile or slow moving kid can sometimes be useful. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trek to Lemos Farm

On Saturday we trekked down to Half Moon Bay to check out Lemos Farm (with several hundred other people). Fortunately traffic wasn't too bad. We are glad we didn't try going down last weekend for the Pumpkin Festival... although one of these years we need to...

We also checked out another pumpkin patch across the street.

The first thing we did at the farm was go on a Hay Ride.

Then Kevin waited in line for the Spooky Train while Andrew and I checked out the live music.

Singing with the folk music lady. Who knew Andrew liked folk music so much?
He would've stayed there all day.

Little man loved rolling around in the hay

Still waiting for the train ride

Finally on the train

Andrew loved the scary tunnel... but I think it also freaked him out a bit.

We had such a good time at the farm. I love the Fall! I think we'll have to go back next year.

20 Months

Andrew has only 4 months left until he is 2. I can't believe it.

He cracks us up

He sang "Row, Row, Row your boat" through a good chunk of Sacrament meeting... (fortunately he sang quietly).

I got some singing on camera later. He loves the part when he gets to scream :)

He also loves hanging out in the car. In between church meetings today (we went to our old church and our new one... about 5.5 hours of church)... Andrew had fun playing in the car with the mirror.

Happy 20 months buddy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Night Jam Session

"Uncle Jeremy" and Marisa invited us over for dinner on Friday night. We have been salivating this week just thinking about all the good food we would be eating... Jeremy made one of his usual incredible Italian dishes. The lasagna was extraordinary and I had to go on a very long run this morning to burn off all the calories I inhaled last night.

We had a Rock Band jam session after dinner. Andrew loved rocking out to the Beatles.

He has quite a forceful drumming technique... Jeremy and Kev had to shield themselves so they wouldn't get whacked.

Little man loved Jeremy's bachelor pad... and loved loved loved every time the train went zooming by while we were eating dinner.

Marisa even found a cool car in Jeremy's room that Andrew had a blast driving around.

Here is some footage from the jam session. Ignore my annoying voice. I was laughing too hard at some points that I couldn't hold the camera still. Andrew's dancing in the bottom video cracks me up... especially when he starts drumming on Jeremy's shoe.

Marisa and Jeremy, thanks for such an awesome night! We can't wait to hang out again soon.

Trunk or Treat

Tonight we went up to our new neighborhood to go to a Halloween party at church. I have actually never gone to "Trunk or Treating" before... but it definitely exceeded expectations.

People decked out their cars in different themes and then the kids walked around getting candy from each car. To our surprise, dinner was also served... it was nice to have a little bit of somewhat healthy food with all the junk floating around.

Heading to the party

Every time Andrew wore his pirate jacket or hat, he got some candy... the reinforcement worked... he wore his costume for MUCH longer than I was planning.

Little man was so excited about the candy that he tried eating it with the wrappers on.

Enjoying a chili dog and nachos with dad

Playing in the dirt and watching all the cool older boys

Getting candy from the little pirate manning the pirate truck

He loved grabbing fistfulls... but tried giving it backed when he didn't get lollipops

Mom, can you believe they tried to give me something other than lollipops?

We took a photo with the family manning the pirate ship truck... they said that Andrew was their Captain and let him have unlimited candy.

Captain Andrew and his crew

By the end of the night, clothing was getting pulled off quickly so that little man could enjoy his lollipop without ruining his costume.

Our first time "Trunk or Treating" was a success!