Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Second Christmas

On Tuesday we whipped out Kevin's favorite Christmas present (besides the new car he'll be getting sometime in 2012)...and made breakfast! 

They looked prettier than they tasted (at least that's what Kevin tells me... I don't waste calories on treats that don't have real chocolate). Didn't I do a nice job frosting them? :)

After breakfast we got ready and spent the day at Shari's celebrating Christmas once again with the Johnsons! This photo shows how I found the guys in the late afternoon- all upstairs sitting around 2 phones/iPod touches playing games :)

We played games, opened presents, and ate lots of good food- especially lots of treats.

Catie's favorite treat was found in this little box. It especially came in handy when she fell and hit her heard and got a big bump! Peppermint Bark heals all wounds.

This little one also got loads of attentions and tickles. I just love her!

I don't think it is possible for her to get any cuter right now. I especially love how she now says "Mama" and how it is one of the only things she likes to say sometimes. She just roams around calling for "mama." LOVE it!

She also got loads of cuddles and tickles from Aunt Shauna.

What a lovely relaxing family-filled day!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hogle Zoo Lights!

On Monday night we all met up with the Caffees at the Hogle Zoo Lights! (Mom, dad, Jess, our family + Caffees)

We are totally California cold wimps now. I seriously thought I was going to die it was so cold. You never would've known that I grew up in the freezing Northeast. I also somehow thought that wearing flats with no socks was a bright idea. 

Elise brought cake bites from Sweet Tooth Fairy that cheered me up a bit. We drank hot cocoa, ate pretzels, and even rode the carousel.

Andrew finally was happy for a few minutes when a group of 8-10 yr old girls mauled him as he tried to board the carousel. Kevin was playing around with my camera and managed to snap a picture of me as I totally reamed them. I got really mad and made them get off the ride. Their rude mother didn't even make them say sorry.

Andrew was so upset that Kevin just ended up taking him back to the car while the rest of us explored the zoo for another 30 minutes. The only smiling picture we got of him was in his parka once he was back in the car.

We really wanted to go to Hatch Family Chocolates for hot cocoa, but it was closed :( so we headed to Leatherbys instead and got ginormous sundaes while the kids ran around in the empty restaurant. It was fabulous and yummy.

A great end to a cold evening!! :)

Smithkirk Christmas

I have some sort of weird insomnia lately at night and I can't fall asleep... so I figured I might as well try finishing up my Christmas blog posts!

Christmas Day started with Andrew and Cate waking up around 8:30am- not too bad! We got the Caffees up and then the party got started!

I was up sick most of the night before, so I was pretty weak and just lounged on the couch while Jessie was nice and brought me presents to open. I snapped a few pictures too. Caitlin was way too tired, so we put her back to sleep and she missed most of the present opening. I should've felt bad about that, but it was actually nice to be able to relax and not worry about her for an hour or so.

Andrew and Maddie had no problem opening up some of Cate and Olivia's presents for them!

Stylin Jessie in her new robe.

I made my dad a fun personalized car back rub t-shirt. Andrew can drive cars around on his back. The map shows all their favorite places- Will's Pitt Stop, McDonalds, BYU, the river, etc. We'll need to try it out later this week.

Unfortunately Jessie did not get a real dog for Christmas. She was a little bummed.

Santa Baby Olivia just had fun playing with wrapping paper and rolling around.

Catie was super happy about her pillow dog/blanket thing. I think it was her favorite present (besides Jessie's "dog.").

Andrew's favorite present was his Leap Pad. He played it all day long.

I got so many fun things that I can't even begin to pick a favorite... though the stylin camera bag purse that Jessie/mom picked out for me and the new fancy black wallet Elise got me are among the top two!

For breakfast Elise and Dan made an amazing crockpot egg/potato/cheese concoction that I am still SO sad I didn't get to eat because I felt so terrible. After breakfast, Santa made a brief visit!

Although Catiebug looks annoyed in this picture, she absolutely LOVED Santa. She just doesn't like to have to stay still! Santa brought the kids lollipops and they were so excited! Hopefully he had a safe journey back to the North Pole. I'm sure he was so tired!

While the rest of the family went to church, our family crashed on the couch and vegged with movies since Andrew finally succumbed to being sick too. :( I slept for 2-3 hours and we just spent the day lounging and chatting. My mom made a delicious Christmas dinner of lasagna, garlic bread, salad, etc.

After the Caffee family loaded up and went home, we watched Home Alone 2. Andrew loved the movie so much that we had to stop and rewind different parts 3-4 times because he wanted to see them again and again and again!

We ended the night with some tantrums because it was just too hard to go to bed after such a fun day!

We were so grateful to my mom and dad for making Christmas so much fun! The only thing that could've made it better (besides being healthy) would've been if Scott and Cat had been there too! We can't wait to see them tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Smithkirk Christmas Eve

I have like 1,000 pictures from Christmas Eve... but don't worry, I am only going to post maybe 30 of them on here  :) I just wanted to capture every moment... and I am so glad that I got so many pictures since I was sick again on Christmas and didn't get nearly enough that day! 

We spent the evening playing and watching the babies interact. Maddie and Andrew made some foam sticker gingerbread houses.

Elise made us all yummy toffee and I helped sample a lot of it!

Andrew and Maddie played dress up for hours as Mary and Joseph. 

Maddie took her role very seriously and looked adorable. 

Caitlin was feeling under the weather all day (come to find out today that in addition to being sick she was cutting 4 new teeth too- including some molars- NO WONDER she was such a grump!). She watched a lot of Baby Einstein on daddy's lap.

We briefly re-enacted the first Christmas and talked about the birth of Jesus.  

The Sub for Santa Crew got decked out in their disguises and headed off to do some delivering... along with checking out some neighborhood holiday lights.

Had to swing by this tasteful display too ;) 

When we got home we whipped out the goodies!

The kids watched Frosty and the adults chowed down.

We celebrated and toasted to our health and happiness (at least the health we had for a few more hours...)

Then I attempted to snap some cute pj photos (if you saw this last post then you know how that turned out)... so instead I got these weird poses of Andrew.

??? Stick em up?

Kevin and I ended the night by finishing up a few last minute "Santa" duties before heading to bed before midnight. 

I loved every minute of the night... especially how cute Maddie and Andrew were. I am so grateful we were able to have all the little kiddos together for Christmas this year. 

Merry Christmas Eve!