Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remembering a great lady!

Kevin's sweet Great Aunt June passed away about two weeks ago. Today we had the opportunity to celebrate her life at a memorial service down in Cupertino with friends and family. When we lived in Santa Clara she lived a few blocks away from us in an assisted living home and we really enjoyed getting to know her... and especially introducing her to Andrew.

One of my favorite Aunt June memories was when I took her to vote in the November 2008 Presidential Election. She greeted me all decked out in her patriotic clothes and earrings... and we drove over to Cupertino where her home was and voted. Her enthusiasm and accessories paired with Andrew's cute smiles made them the most popular pair at the voting polls.

We also had several fun visits in June's apartment with Andrew- who loved getting into all of her stuff when he was a baby. He was always a big hit with all of the residents when we went to dinner in the dining room too. 

After today's memorial we ate some treats and spent time with some of her family and friends. Kevin's mom and his Aunt Inez flew into town briefly for the event, so it was fun to see them too!

Aunt June will be missed!

Kevin with his 2nd cousins (Judy and Janet's kids)

Inez, Janet, Shari with Catie, and Judy (Janet & Judy are Shari's cousins and June's daughters)

This little cutie was such a good sport despite going to the memorial service instead of taking a nap. She made loads of friends and waved at everyone. It was so adorable!

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