Friday, December 9, 2011

Caitlin's 1yr appointment

I had a rough morning today. The best way to cheer me up is to look at pictures of this little cutie.

Despite her little tantrums, she makes me so happy! She LOVES me and a loves her "da!' I love how she crawls all over the house looking for Kevin saying, "da" or "dada."

She is also making great progress with walking. I think she's taken 15 steps in a row once or twice... 

My favorite time of the day is when she is drinking her bottle. She'll just grab it and lie down wherever she is.... and then she grabs her hair and holds it. She gets in this same position to go to sleep at night... except she sticks her thumb in her mouth.

She sucks her thumb so hard that she now has a blister on it :( 

This week she's been fabulous and has gone to bed at 6pm and has slept in till 8 or 8:30am. I am getting spoiled! I'm sure she won't do it this weekend, but I have definitely enjoyed a few relaxing mornings this week.

We had her 1 yr appointment on Monday and it was fun to see how much she has grown!

Her newest stats are below(compared to 9 months):

Weight- 22.87lbs (80%)
Height- 30.5 in (90%)

I can't believe how much she has grown!

Here's to another awesome year with this little cutie!

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Lopez Family said...

i know i agree with u: the time i think my kiddies are so precious is when they r sleeping or when im looking at pictures (when they r sleeping). ha! but cate is definitely a cutie bug and totally such a good sleeper! im envious.