Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catie's 9 month appointment (a few weeks early)

This little girl had a date with me to the doctor's office yesterday. I got a babysitter for Andrew so that the little cutie and I could have some mommy/daughter bonding time.

Getting shots, needle pricks, and stripped and weighed totally counts as our mommy/daughter date for the month, right? :)

I am excited to get her visits back aligned properly now that we're done with this set of shots. Our next trip isn't until after her birthday in December.

To celebrate after her doctor's appointment she got to take lots of Tylenol and enjoy a super long nap while Andrew and I did Day 1 of our Camp Mom: Cooking Camp.

Being the baby isn't as much fun, I guess? :) Fortunately she wasn't too grumpy after the shots but the doctor said she'll be getting her top teeth in very soon! Happy 9 months Cate!

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delikk said...

haha...she weighs more than caraline! i don't know how you carry her around all the time. too cute!