Sunday, August 21, 2011

Santa Cruz 2011

One of the items on my Summer Bucket List was to go to Santa Cruz as a family. Although we are definitely not accomplishing everything on my list, I didn't think this one would be too hard.

As luck would have it, our 2011 Opening Social for the youth at church was a trip to Sunset Beach (just south of Santa Cruz... so, close enough!). I convinced Kevin and the little people to tag along and we spent most of the day on Saturday at the beach.

Who wouldn't want to spend a day with the awesome teenagers from our ward? 

We played tug-o-war to see who got to eat first. Kevin helped make sure our ward beat the other ward and got to eat right away. :) 

Andrew was in volcano heaven... and had a troupe of twelve year old girls that wanted to help him lug water to his volcano area and dig super big holes too.

Catie and her new crawling skills definitely kept me on my toes. She slept for the first hour of our beach time (which is why she is in jammies) and then it was freezing (60s), so I kept her in them for the rest of the day. Her favorite activity was sneaking handfuls of sand and trying to shove them in her mouth before I caught her.

These two had fun collecting sand dollars and roaming around while I chatted with friends and helped set up and clean up lunch.

We ended our trip with a brief stop at Marianne's for ice cream (a family tradition) before we trekked home for some afternoon birthday party fun.

Andrew definitely kept Kevin and I laughing on the way home. I love that kid. We also loved having a whole day of family time together. That never seems to happen anymore since Kevin leaves for work before Cate & Andrew wake up and gets home after Cate is asleep.

Fortunately the time we spend together each Saturday usually makes up for it.

Despite the cloudy weather, we just LOVED our trip to the beach. Andrew was hopeful that we could go back again today. We definitely might need to try and go one more time before the summer is officially over!

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