Monday, August 22, 2011



Eating at our house lately has reached a new level of fun.

This is how yesterday morning went down.

Andrew starts off the morning super early in my face complaining that he is hungry.
I say, "sound great, let's go get breakfast" and we head downstairs.

I pop a waffle into the toaster and he starts yelling, "I'm not hungry!"
I say, "Well, I just made you a waffle, so let's try and eat some of it."

I cut up the waffle and put a little syrup on it and bring it over to the table.
"I don't want anything on the waffle and I want it whole. Not cut up!"

Seriously? No syrup.

I was being extra nice yesterday I think, so I said, "OK, if you ask nicely, I can make you one without syrup and I'll eat this one." Normally I'd just say, "sorry, this is what you're eating."

Fast forward 3 minutes and he has a plain, non-syrupy waffle on his plate.

"Mom, can you cut up my waffle?"

Seriously? You just had a major tantrum about the fact that the last one was cut up.

A few minutes later, "Mom, can you put syrup on my waffle please?"

Grrr. Sigh of exasperation. I pushed the other plate towards him with the already cut up waffle covered in syrup that I'd made him ten minutes before.

Gotta love three year olds.


delikk said...

are you telling me the meal tantrums keep going?? i thought we were in a little phase that would soon end. i'm totally bummed now.

Kevin and Kristina said...

meal tantrums are neverending here. i think andrew takes after me though... and i am picky... so it is kind of my fault. i don't like sitting down to eat and i only like to eat specific things... so when he is grumpy because he doesn't want to stop what he is doing to eat, i understand... but still it is frustrating!!!

Lopez Family said...

oh my!!! this is like the story of my life. ditto. super frustrating.

Laura said...

Sounds like my house lately