Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stuck inside Saturday

Our weekend has pretty much looked like this

The kids haven't gotten to see the light of day. Kevin and I spent all day sorting through closets, putting away laundry, cleaning out areas of our house that still have boxes (almost 2 yrs after we moved in), cleaning out kid drawers, and donating lots of outdated clothes to DI.

Not every Saturday can be an exciting one.

Cate ate blocks and cheerios, watched Baby Einstein on the iPad, and bounced in the johnny jump up.

Andrew sang songs, stole blocks from Cate, stole the iPad from Cate, jumped on our bed, and ran through all of the piles that we made.

We're still not done with all the organizing we want to do... but after a day filled with hard work, we treated ourselves to a date night out at the movies.

The Help was seriously the best movie I've seen in awhile... though that isn't saying much because we don't get out that often. But it was really really good.

We ended the night with homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches with homemade hot fudge. Yum!

I love date nights, I love organizing my house, and I love babysitters than can drive.


Jenny said...

i'm glad to hear it's a good movie because i want to see it too! i love working hard on saturdays and then rewarding myself. yay for organizing.

Liz said...

Sometimes just getting things done is almost as fun as going on a big outing?

I totally want to see The Help. I'm glad you liked it.

P.S. - I magic swing is working! Thank you!!!!

The Mostess said...

You took Kevin to see The Help? He's a good man. :)

Yes, organizing is annoying. But it feels SO good when it's done!

Kevin and Kristina said...

Kaari- Kevin is a good man, but the movie was seriously SO good. I think a lot of guys would like it.

Liz- Yay! You made my day. I am so glad the swing is helping a bit.