Monday, August 29, 2011

A Letter

Andrew starts preschool next week. He got a letter in the mail from his teacher (Miss Leslie) last Friday and he was so excited about it.

I actually teared up a bit. As a teacher I always sent out cards to my students to welcome them into my class. They were like this one and not really personalized at all... so I didn't think my effort was anything special, just something to do and check off a list.

Little did I know that a letter like this could be such a big deal...

Andrew doesn't like me to hold his letter. He wants to hold it and read it and read it again and again. He also likes to see what alphabet letters he knows in the note and then wants one of us to read it over and over to him. It is positively adorable.

He is supposed to bring a teddy bear or a stuffed animal to share on the first day. He's already concerned about what to bring. He said he doesn't have any animals (I have relocated all of them to Caitlin's room because they don't get thrown around as much in there). Andrew loves to play Animal Volleyball with them. After some discussion, he decided Google Bear is the perfect buddy to bring. They've had quite a history together, so I think that is the perfect choice... though we'll see what he ends up doing next week.

I have my Preschool Parent Orientation night this Thursday and I just discovered that I was put on the social committee. Hip hip hooray! If you read this blog regularly, then you know that there are very few things I love more than throwing, planning, coordinating, or just thinking about a party... or any other sort of social event :)

Preschool better live up to the hype. Little man is getting excited (and so am I).

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