Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wrapping Up Our Utah Trip!

I just realized I never posted these last few pictures from our Utah trip... and I thought they were pretty cute. The last two days of our trip were pretty chill. We swam every day, hung out with Elise & her kiddos, and ate yummy food.

We always have to go to South Towne Mall to ride the train and carousel and get Mrs. Fields cookies when we are in town.

These three are absolutely adorable together.

Elise and my mom know how much I love the carousel, so they took all the little kids on a ride while I hung out with Tito and snapped photos from the sidelines. 

Cate wasn't a huge fan of her first carousel ride without me... and was reminded of that every time she spun around and saw me again. I finally had to go and hide until she was done.

Tito is super aunt... and I love how ginormous Cate looks in this picture. I swear the outfit looks so cute on her... but not so much in pictures :) 

Catiebug loves to cuddle with Tito... and I thought this also doubled as an awesome picture of her side mullet. If you think that it is long in this picture... then just imagine how long it is now! Wish the hair on the back of her head would grow faster! :)

These two buddies had a blast riding the train. 

And Grandma came along... which made it even more fun. After her carousel meltdown, Cate finally decided that she loved Grandma and let her carry her around the rest of the time we were visiting. Hurray!

Checking out the sights and waving at everyone

No trip to Utah would be complete without a ride on Grandpa's golf cart... or two rides... or twenty rides (and I am not kidding).

These guys went on daily (if not more often), trips to Will's Pit stop for powdered donuts and slurpees... or just rode down to the river or the pool. 

While we were in town we also celebrated Tito's belated birthday with dinner at Carrabbas with Uncle Karl & Aunt Wendy. The birthday girl was super excited about this birthday gift from Kim and Jules. I'm hoping once she moves to the Bay we can have regular sewing parties!!

We ended our trip with a visit to Paradise Bakery (mostly because I am in love with the cookies) and a water play day at Elise's house.

On our way home we swung by Cookie Cutters for a new summer hair cut before we flew back to sunny CA. The slide inside the salon was a big hit.

Ah, what a trip! We are still missing cousins, sisters, and grandparents two weeks later!

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