Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Mini Reunion

On Saturday evening, after the beach and birthday party, Kevin had a mini reunion with some of his former college roommates (and groomsmen). Bryant recently bought a house nearby us in the East Bay... and Kevin and Bryant's old roommate Peter (and wife) were visiting friends in Yosemite... so everyone came over for some food and fun at our house.

This picture is of the guys at our wedding... Kevin was the last one to tie the knot... so they celebrated by all showing off their wedding rings 

It was so cool to have all of them at our wedding in Manhattan

One of these days we'll all get together for a big reunion again... but in the meantime, these three had fun catching up while Peter's wife Kristy and I chatted and watched my little hooligans.

Can't you tell that they are loving that we made them pose for this picture? :)

We ate Zachary's pizza, drank rootbeer, devoured delicious strawberry pie made by Candice (even though she was working and didn't get to come... sad), and then Kevin made us peanut butter bars too. I am stuffed just thinking about it! 

We talked and talked until the little people started revolting and needed to be taken home to bed.

It was a great night and so fun to catch up!

We were so exhausted after everyone left that we even attempted to go to bed early (before 1am)... but the little people had different plans and took turns waking us up all night. What little sweethearts ;)

Let's hope we get a chance to recover from our weekend this next week! Happy Sunday!

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