Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almost a Failure

We tried to go to the last Car Show of the summer tonight. Kevin was working late and then went out with the missionaries... so the little people and I ate dinner and then headed downtown. We drove around. And around. And around... We never found a parking spot. Caitlin screamed. Andrew pointed out every handicapped and red-curb spot in town and couldn't understand why I wouldn't park there. I finally decided we were going to just go home. Andrew was on the verge of a tantrum. He just wanted a shave ice. 

When we pulled into our driveway, I promised Andrew that as soon as I put Cate to bed, we'd have our own Car Show. A much cooler car show than the one we missed. 

We made it so that all the cars had a designated spot... which was useful when there was an Andrew EarthSHAKE and all of the cars went flying.

The little people were so excited about our car show... they flew in just for the day.

It got pretty crowded. Some people even brought their dogs.

Oh no! A fire at the Car Show! Fortunately, Captain Andrew and the firefighters were there to help out.

Andrew built us a bounce house... and all the Lego men went jumping like crazy

Next, we had a little shave ice at the Shave Ice stand. Good thing we saved our containers from the last car show. I knew they'd come in handy for something :)

Andrew makes a mean Shave Ice :)


We also had some mini ice cream cones... since chocolate is a must at the Car Show.

We played and played until we were exhausted from laughing. I loved the sound of Andrew's giggles when I would make the little people yell, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" as they tried to escape the earthquakes and fires... and I think there were some volcanic eruptions too.

I managed to avert the tantrum. 

Kevin arrived home about 20 minutes after Andrew went to bed with an actual shave ice from the Car Show downtown. He managed to convince the workers to make one for the little man as they were packing up at the end of the night.

I think we'll be continuing the Car Show fun tomorrow... but with some yummier treats :)  


jocie said...

Seriously K, you are an incredible mother.

Chrissie said...

Way to turn an unfortunate experience into a great one! I'm sure I would have ended the night on a very grumpy note because I really let things like that get to me. (We also had the WORST time finding parking and Sevak could barely get out of his spot once we left!)