Thursday, July 21, 2011

I {heart} Hot Summer Nights

I'm sure those of you who read my blog get tired of me talking about how much I love the town where I live... but today, I love it even more. My neighbor told me about the car show downtown tonight... so we decided to go and check it out. I left my diaper bag in the car and we strapped Cate into the bjorn because I thought we wouldn't stay long.

Wow, was all I could think after we arrived! Tons of people, cool cars, live music, dancing in the streets, and lots of treats and prizes (several for free). We ran into our neighbor and her little girls were dancing maniacs... Andrew was a little more hesitant.

We saw a firetruck. That alone made the night a success...

I absolutely loved the cars... and checking them out while rocking out to Elvis and other live performers singing sock hop tunes was a blast.

Local groups had tents... I was a fan of the college nannies who were giving out temporary tattoos. 

Andrew was pretty stoked to have a spider... since spider season has official begun and our backyard is now covered!

After chit-chatting with neighbors and friends from church that we ran into, we made a beeline to the shave ice stand. It was no Hawaiian shave ice... but man did it hit the spot!

Here's Andrew contemplating when the volcano is going to erupt and start spewing lava everywhere. The kid is a little volcano obsessed right now... 


Still staring at the volcano :)

Cate would not be left out. That girl LOVES her some shave ice. It was nearly impossible to eat mine while she kept grabbing at it and squealing when I would feed myself instead of her. She moved so much that most of the bites I gave her ended up down her shirt. At least she stayed nice and cool. :)

The reptile/animal spot was pretty sweet too. Andrew was out of control excited when the turtle started walking around. He couldn't believe something so huge could move.

After wandering for a bit, we saw a plastic fireman hat on a bench. I totally wanted to take it (devil Kristina was sitting on my shoulder at that moment)... but we didn't. I started telling Kevin how I wished Andrew could have one and it was so cute and I wonder where it came from... and Andrew must've been eavesdropping and pointed up the block and said "you get them over there." Sure enough, the State Farm booth had them. Who knew Andrew was so observant? So... we went and got to spin for a prize.

I was crossing my fingers that he'd win a hat... but then I discovered that all the kids get a fireman hat on top of another prize. Hallelujah!

Jackpot! That stop alone made the evening spectacular.

We finished up the night checking out more cars and eating free cookies from the new bakery in town- A Sweet Affair. Yum! We actually tried to pay... and they wouldn't let us.

The kids were exhausted by the time we made it back to the car... 2 hours after we'd left home. 

I loved the whole night... and I especially loved hanging out as a little family again. We have missed Kevin while we've been in Utah for the last 10 days.

Hurray for Hot Summer Nights!

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