Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blessing Time!

Last week on our Utah trip we also got to visit with one of my favorite college roommates- Miranda. Somehow it is like I have a baby blessing radar... because we always manage to be in town when she blesses her babies! Quinn is positively adorable. Caitlin was entranced by her screaming. :) 

My mom was very thoughtful and took Andrew to church with her so that I could drive up to Draper with just Caitlin for the baby blessing. Afterwards we partied at the Guth's house and had some time to catch up amidst the craziness of kids and lots of family. Cate liked Miranda immediately.

We managed to have another afternoon free during our trip, so we headed back up to Draper for more fun with Miranda's kids. Andrew and Baylee (almost 3 yrs old) played nicely outside and upstairs while Miranda and I hung out with the babies and chatted. It is rare for Andrew to play so nicely with anyone for so long (without parent intervention)... so I enjoyed every moment of our visit. It is so fun that Miranda and I now have two kids that are close in age!

When the bigger girls got home from playing at a friend's house it was also great to catch up with them too. I cannot believe that they are so grown up now! Cate loved smiling at them and Andrew liked telling them all about storms, thunder, and lightning.

I can't wait for our next visit!

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