Friday, July 8, 2011

Last day in Seattle

Our last day in Seattle went by too quickly! We slept in until almost 9am and then we got packed and ready and headed to the waterfront to meet the Caffees. We hopped on an hour harbor cruise around the Puget Sound. It was a gorgeous day!

Maddie & Andrew had fun goofing around and eating snacks and we attempted to listen to the tour guide a bit too.

After the cruise, we said goodbye to the Caffees and they headed to the airport while we headed to Miner's Landing for lunch. Then we trekked up by Pike Place Market to go get ice cream at Molly Moons. They had amazing sundaes. The "scout" mint ice cream was delicious. Thin mint cookies were crushed up inside. 

Yay! Andrew was so excited to get ice cream... and then barely ate it.
Who's kid is he?

We ended the day with a trip to Angle Lake Park. The views were great and Andrew had fun playing on the playground and getting harassed by some bigger kids. :)

We were all so wiped out from the trip that all four of us fell asleep right when the plane took off! Definitely a sign of a good vacation!

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