Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So Many Cousins!!

Last weekend I helped host a little dessert party to celebrate the arrival of baby Olivia (Elise's baby girl). I will post more pictures about the party later, but one of the highlights was getting a chance to catch up with my cousin Janelle and my "cousin-in-law?" (she's married to my cousin?) Monica. We all got married around the same time and are all having kids around the same time too... so it is so fun to get together!

I didn't get nearly enough pictures, but yesterday Andrew, Cate and I went over to Janelle's house for a little playdate. Janelle has a son about 2-3 months older than Andrew and a daughter about 5 months older than Caitlin. They are adorable! Monica came over with her son Crew and we all had fun eating lunch (Janelle made yummy homemade pizzas), playing with toys, running around outside, and devouring popsicles. 

The boys were darling together. I only managed to capture one of Andrew & Brody (and none of the three boys together :(...) since they were in constant motion :) unless they were eating.

Cate & Kate just observed the boys and had fun checking each other out. Our little Catiebug liked watching Kate crawl around. I am excited for more playdates in the future! Can you believe that Kate is almost a year old and my little Caitlin is the same size... if not bigger? Pretty soon these cuties will be walking and talking. It is crazy how fast they are growing! 

I am so grateful that Andrew & Caitlin have so many cousins to hang out with... and so many first cousins once removed (I think that's the relationship?) as well. Definitely makes our trips to Utah more fun!!

While we were in Utah, we also got to visit with Kevin's Aunt Margaret and play with his cousin Heidi's little boys (approx ages 5 and 3). Andrew and the boys were buddies immediately. We can't wait to get them together again the next time we come to visit! Cate had fun staring at Heidi's new baby girl too... pretty soon they'll be crawling around and stealing toys from each other. 

Andrew was a little more excited about the video game they were playing than looking at me... can you tell?

Such cute boys!

Cousins are the best... and cousins that have kids close in age to mine are even better! :)

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Amy said...

WIsh I could've been there for the dessert party!