Monday, July 18, 2011

Clear Lake

A few weeks ago we loaded up the car and drove a few hours north to Clear Lake for a short family vacation courtesy of the Johnson family (Kevin's sister's family).

We stayed at the WorldMark by Wyndham in Nice (pronounced like the French city). The "lodge" was at the center of the resort... and housed my two favorite spots- the workout room and the pool.     

There was also a kiddie pool that both Cate and Andrew loved... and the biggest hot tub I have ever been in! Thanks to the Johnson boys, we were even able to have a late night hot tub trip with Shauna & Randy, while they babysat Cate & Andrew (who slept). Yay!

We arrived Friday evening and relaxed in our suite, enjoyed some yummy pizza, and hung out playing Mob Wars with the Johnsons.

On Saturday I worked out, we swam in the pool, and we took a trip out on the lake in the Johnson's boat.

We borrowed life jackets from some friends back home and Kevin was pretty pleased that he'd found one for me that included my favorite colors- pink & black. :)

After her initial grumpiness about having to wear a life jacket, Caitlin warmed up to the boat pretty quickly. Andrew took a bit longer. 

He was content to hold on to me for dear life during most of the trip.

Kevin did some wake boarding and skiing... and we cheered from onboard.

To say I am a wimp when it comes to the water is putting it mildly. I think Andrew would've had a better time if I hadn't been there.

Cate felt perfectly relaxed though and fell right to sleep.

My arm was about to fall off after holding onto her for dear life while we were bouncing in the boat and every ounce of her chub was relaxed on me.

Andrew's favorite part of riding in the boat was honking the horn, chatting with Randy, and talking with the boys on the walkie talkie (they were back at the resort).

Shauna & Kevin

The Johnson Fam

Another fun activity at the resort was bug hunting. We found several of these crazy huge black and white bugs and thought they were incredibly cool (especially since they were outside and not inside our hotel room).

On Sunday we went to church in Lakeport (where Kevin's grandparents used to go) and then headed downtown for a trip to the Lake County Historical Courthouse Museum.

I loved the old buildings

The museum exhibits about the Pomo Indians in the area were fascinating... but this telephone switchboard was the biggest hit.

The honorable Judge Andrew was presiding in court that day ;)

We also went on a few more adventures before we went home on Monday, but I still need to get those pictures from Shauna. 

The trip ended with a bang when Andrew woke up Sunday night throwing up everywhere. Ick! :) Fortunately we were only three hours from home, so instead of hanging out at the resort with a happy baby, sick kid, and two underslept parents, we drove back to the Bay!

The trip was short and sweet and the best part was all of the fun we were able to have with the Johnsons. Andrew loved every minute he had with the boys. They took such good care of him and were such super buddies.

Thanks again Johnsons!


Jenny said...

that first picture is incredible! i'm a totaly wimp on the water too. i've gotten a little better, but being on boats always makes me nervous. looks like a fun trip though!

The Tolberts said...

This goes to show we are related if anyone ever doubted it....I"m a wimp in the water too...and I can empathize with the life vest situation, they don't make those very comfy for babies, poor things! I"m jealous of all your fun vacations this summer! Wish we could see you!