Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caitlin- 7 months!

I wish I could bottle up some of Caitlin's yumminess and send it to everyone I know. She is pure heaven. Now, if you are not me... you may never know how absolutely adorable she is... since she guards it like it is her secret identity.

She'll smile and flirt with everyone, but she saves the cuddling and cooing and extra adorableness for me. My mom says it is like she has a crush on me... and only me. It is amazing how she lights up when she sees me. It is really sad when I leave the room or hand her over to someone and move out of her view for a second... she is devastated.

Someday I may be able to eat with two hands again... or hand her off to adoring family members who want to cuddle with her (without having her scream bloody murder)... but in the meantime, I am building some pretty strong muscles carrying her around!

Some tidbits about Cate at 7 months...

- She is much more content to play by herself (as long as I'm in the room)

- She is trying to move herself using her head. She usually ends up going the opposite direction than she intends... but it is pretty awesome to watch.

- She can sit up unaided for a long time now... but sometimes she needs a little helper :)

- She has gotten to visit with Uncle Scott several times this month, along with Aunt Tito, Grandma & Grandpa Smith, Grandma Shari, the Caffees, her Buskirk cousins, and Aunt Jessie. June was a family fun-filled month!

- She learned that cousin Olivia can be very useful for helping her roll.

- Olivia and Cate had their first opportunity to hang out and have some girl talk... Olivia is a "chatty Caffee" ;) 

- Catiebug got 2 teeth over the past little bit and loves to chew on everything... especially if it belongs to Andrew! It's like she has a radar :)

- Cate's nicknames include: Catamarink, Catiebug, Baby Cates, Baby Cate, Miss Chubster, and Catie... to name a few.

- Catiebug got to meet her Great Aunt Laurel & Great Uncle Tom last weekend (Grandma Julie's twin sister... both don't look old enough to be Great Aunts).

- Cate celebrated her first 4th of July! She even stayed up to watch the fireworks!

- Cate also LOVES to eat and has tried sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, applesauce, peas, and rice cereal. So far she hasn't been a huge fan of bananas... but over all, she LOVES FOOD... especially big people food like pizza crust and bread!

We love this little girl and can't imagine our family without her!

The other night Andrew said "I have the cutest sister ever!" We couldn't agree more!

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