Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday

This little girl keeps me smiling all day... especially when it is meal time. It is hard to say where there is more food... on her face and body... or in her stomach. She loves to blow bubbles while she is eating. Watch out or you'll wind up with sweet potatoes in your hair! We are now bathing her after every meal. She is a disaster!

I had to post this next picture because it is the first I've been able to capture that shows a good view of her two cute teeth.

Cate loves applesauce, sweet potatoes, peas, oatmeal, and carrots (the only foods we've introduced so far)... though it is sometimes hard to tell if she likes the food, or just likes chewing on the spoon. She gets SO EXCITED when it is meal time and gets really frustrated if we are eating and she is not. She is a fan of the "quick and the hungry" philosophy that I grew up hearing about and snatches up ice cream cones, sandwiches, tortillas and anything else that we hold too close to her... and howls bloody murder when we take them away from her!

So happy to have snagged her spoon!  
Today Cate had a "playdate" with her buddy Maggie. We took the girls (and their brothers and several other friends) to go see Kung Fu Panda for $1 Tuesday. Cate napped through most of the movie and Andrew mostly just ate popcorn and sat still until about the last 5 minutes... when he was DONE. After the movie, we took the girls to the park. They hung out eating toys while the boys ran around and got soaked in the freezing water.

After their playdate, Andrew, Cate, and I trekked to the mall... because Mrs. Fields is especially good when it is raining... and we were already so close by. It started pouring as we left the park and rained the rest of the day. 

We spent the rest of the rainy afternoon building skyscrapers.

Cate just chilled and managed to snag a toy or two from time to time. Our rule is that if she takes something he wants, he has to find her another toy and trade with her to get it back. I love watching them "play" together and especially love how he'll find her a bunch of less desirable toys and arrange them all around her, just so that he can get the cool helicopter or other fun toy back from her and not get in trouble. It helps that she really doesn't care what she plays with yet... just as long as it can go in her mouth and we're nearby!

I loved Cate's reactions to Andrew's loud building and pounding.

I love rainy days in the summer and I especially love how Andrew's paid me in hugs to build him skyscrapers. I got hugged all afternoon long while I helped stack pillows and blocks. 

What a fabulous day filled with so many special, simple moments! 
If you haven't seen this video yet, check it out. 

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Chrissie said...

How cute that Cate had a "playdate" with Maggie. :) I'm picturing your shower where they were also side-by-side, but in their mommies' tummies!