Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caitlin- 6 Months

Our little cutie is 6 months old! Hooray! We celebrated today with some girl shopping time, a trip to Super Franks, and dessert from the Cheesecake Factory. With how fast this year is going... pretty soon we'll be planning her first birthday celebration. 

Just for comparison sake, here is a picture of Caitlin at 6 days old...

and one of her today, as a 6 month old :)


Some fun facts about Caitlin at 6 months:
- weighs over 18 lbs
- wears size 6-12 month old clothes
- wears size 3 diapers
- loves to sleep and eat and sleep and eat!
- is ticklish under her chin, arm pits, and on her hips
- rolls from the front to the back and back to front... basically around and around
- still isn't a huge fan of drinking a bottle
- sits up unassisted and plays with toys in front of her... falls over when she looks up or turns sideways
- loves to slam her legs on the ground and make loud sounds
- loves sucking on bread... hasn't been introduced to baby food yet
- has two teeth coming in (bottom front)
- calms down whenever we play the Beatles in the car
- loves when I play peek-a-boo with her and sing the itsy bitsy spider
- sucks her thumb to calm herself down
- tries to bounce and bounce when we are holding her or she is standing... which is why she loves her exersaucer
- grabs her toes and loves to try and eat them
- loves talking baths and slamming her feet on the bottom of the tub and splashing everyone around her!
- puts anything and everything in her mouth and chews on it... today she ate a huge chunk of a napkin that somehow got too close to her
- is very social, loves to smile at people, and likes to people watch when we are out and about
- prefers being carried in my arms (or the bjorn) rather than sitting in her stroller or carseat... but doesn't cry nearly as much when we are in the car any more!
- is such a happy little girl... she rarely fusses unless she is tired (or teething)... and she loves her mama!

We love her!

The highlight of our day is when she wakes up because she is so excited to see us (especially Andrew) and just smiles and smiles!


Lopez Family said...

she is such a cutie!!! and she sounds adorable!

Danielle Bahr said...

I love that she is such a chunk - -cute. That's how Avery was... but Lara is 22 lbs at 2 years :)