Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pool Time!

I love our neighborhood and especially love the pool and park that are a quick walk from our house. Last summer my belly was growing a mile a minute, so I didn't have any desire to go to the pool... we went maybe once? Instead we hid in our backyard and played in the baby pool. I was so hot with all the extra baby weight that I could barely be outside for longer than 30 minutes. This summer we will be living at the neighborhood pool. This week the weather has finally decided to act like summer.

I love how insanely excited Andrew was about his new floaty swim suit. The poor kid has no idea how ridiculous he looks and I seriously laughed the entire way to the pool. I am such an awful mom. A couple of construction workers nearby also thought he looked hysterical. 

But hey, he could play in the water with minimal help from me... so I loved it.

We had the pool almost completely to ourselves. It was heaven. Cate & I swam around together (she loves getting dunked) while Andrew jumped off the side of the pool and then would turn around and swim back to the side and then jump in again. (I also bought Cate one of these... but cannot blow it up by myself so it might be awhile before we get to use it.)

I haven't seen this kid giggle or smile this much ever (except maybe last week at Legoland). 

Andrew's quote of the day: "I want to stay here forever."

I love how little it takes to make 3-year-olds happy.

We had races around the pool, warmed up in the hot tub (the pool was pretty cold), and ate snacks and lounged.

It was the perfect afternoon.

I think we will be repeating today basically all summer long. 

The only negative part was when the potty trained boy decided that he needed to go to the bathroom once he was in the pool. The floaty swim suit is so skin tight once it is wet that taking it off was nearly impossible. I was laughing so hard (while also holding Cate), so it took double as long to get it off.

Laughing felt so good. I love going on adventures with these crazy kiddos. They crack me up!

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