Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Tripping

We are a little crazy... and did a LONG road trip last week. The map of our big loop is below. 

We put a lot of miles on our Highlander and actually had a blast! We even came up with our new family motto along the way: "Enjoy the journey- Stop for treats" Well... it isn't really new (especially the treats part), but now our family motto can be summarized in six short words. :)

I didn't get too many pictures along the way (mostly because we were having fun chatting and eating)... and after awhile pictures of us eating, chatting, or watching movies got kinda boring.

Catie bug had fun contemplating her future job in the food service industry

She decided she'd rather eat the food than make it ;)

Technology is a beautiful thing... especially on road trips. We had phones full of games, the DVD player with lots of movies and TV shows, the iPad for more games, and then my computer just in case something went wrong with the DVD player... we were insanely prepared. I can count on one hand how many times we had major meltdowns in the car on the road trip. The kids were AWESOME!

Kevin is a genius and filmed Andrew's favorite show that we went to see at Legoland. Andrew watched that show probably 100 times on the iPad while we drove home this past weekend. We also tethered Kevin's phone to my computer while we drove... so then when we got really bored, we could buy new TV shows for Andrew on iTunes. After all, once we'd heard the Fireman Sam theme song across the entire state of Nevada we thought we needed something else. ;)

Every family travels differently... here are our "on the road" favorites:

Kevin: swedish fish, cupcakes, sour patch kids, pringles, sausage egg and cheese McGriddles, ginger snaps, and milkshakes.

Kristina: cheesy pringles, cadbury chocolate bars, diet coke, McDonald's ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, M&Ms, and more diet Coke. :)

Andrew: fruit snacks, apple juice, water, pretzels, ritz crackers & cheese, fishy crackers, and M&Ms... and any treats that dad would share :)

Catie bug: Finally took bottles pumped from mom! Hurray!... and pretzel rods. Yum!... plus anything else that found it's way into her vicinity (plastic straws, napkins, plastic drink lids, etc.).

We started our road trip off right with a trip to Diddy Riese in Westwood... it was the perfect lunch to have so that we were energized as we finished our drive to San Diego. Cookie ice cream sandwiches are totally lunch, right?

Our family is awesome.

We ended our trip with ice cream sundaes at McDonalds in Lake Tahoe earlier today. Not the best sundaes in the world... but it still definitely made our cute little 3-year-old happy :)

I have many many more posts ahead with deets from our weeklong Buskirk family trip to San Diego and our short visit to Utah... so stay tuned!

I surprisingly enjoyed a break from blogging, Pinterest, some Facebook, and emails last week. I thought I would die with the dial up internet at our hotel, but it was perfect. I finally finished reading book 2 of the Hunger Games and got caught up on 6 months of sleep! :) I am a bit sad to be back to the real world of schedules and responsibility. Vacation is seriously the best. I hope there is a lot more of it this summer!!

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