Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Friday Date

One of my summer goals... that will hopefully turn into an annual goal every year, is to have consistent mommy/son dates... and of course, mother/daughter outings as well. Cate and I seem to get enough mommy/daughter shopping in... so I'm not too concerned about that tradition dying out anytime soon.

Last night Kevin and I talked about Andrew's favorite activities and came up with an idea for my first mommy/son date. Bocce ball!

Caitlin's babysitter arrived and Andrew could NOT stop jabbering at the sitter all about how he got to come with me and Cate got to stay at home. We made a quick pit stop to get me a TB test. You would've thought that the kiddo had inhaled a pound of sugar with how excited and happy he was. I added to that excitement by swinging into McDonalds for cookies & ice waters for us both on our way to the park. 

Then we played and played and played.

We had to call Kevin once or twice to clarify the rules. I prefer to make them up as I go... but sometimes that didn't fly with the little man. He swore to me that you could hit other people's balls... I said no. Guess who was wrong?

We were quite a sight at the park (since we were playing so intensely)... so we had several groups of 7-8 year old girls begging to play with us. Andrew just ate up all the attention. He knew all the girl's names by the end and when we went home they were all yelling, "bye Andrew." I felt a little jealous that our date got bombarded and I didn't have little man's full 100% attention.

Later in the day while we were at a different park, I got a completely spontaneous big hug and an "I love you mom!" I think he was a fan of our date. :)

After about an hour of bocce in the hot sun, we ate some more cookies, guzzled our drinks, and then did some playing on the playground before we headed home to check in on our favorite little lady.

She survived and wasn't crying when we arrived, so we deemed the date a success! It will definitely be happening again soon!

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Spencer and Mackenzie said...

I love this idea and it sounds like Andrew loved it too!