Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little swimmers

We've been playing in the water a lot this week because of the heat wave that arrived on Monday.

Yesterday, Andrew went to camp from 9-12, we played in the baby pool from 12:30-1:30, had quiet time/naps, and then played in the baby pool again from 4:00-5:30... then ate dinner... then relaxed a bit and then walked to the neighborhood pool to go swimming from 6:45-7:30! It was a water filled day!

Today we set up our new sprinkler ring around the pool when our friends Chloe & Marie came to visit. We also put the slide into the pool for awhile and they had a blast splashing each other and drinking lots of sprinkler water. :)

All of the water time must be helping little man... because tonight at his swimming lesson he barely made a peep and was awesome! He earned a trip to Blackhawk after swimming lessons for a cookie at Draegers and some time to play on the playground and run around after the ducks. He also earned a fishy ride at his swimming lesson... and a hand stamp. The fishy ride is a BIG deal. He's been trying to earn it for 10 lessons. I was so proud I almost got a little weepy... and of course forgot my camera to document the event. :)

Cookie rewards

We'll be taking a break soon from swimming lessons... because the kiddos and I have several trips coming up... but so far Andrew seems to be making great progress with swimming! I am really excited to see how he is doing by the end of the summer!

Right now he can... 
- dive down for rings at the bottom of the pool (3-4 ft)
- dive for toys on the pool steps 
- jump into the pool and turn himself around and swim back (sometimes flailing a bit too much so it looks like he is drowning... but really he is attempting to swim)
- float on his back (this really made him nervous at first, but today he actually did it independently without getting sad or scared)
- reach and pull with his arms to move himself across the pool while putting his head under the water and coming up for breaths (with some help to keep him moving)

Pretty awesome for only going to 4-5 weeks of lessons.

I love that I can take him and Caitlin to the pool by myself and play in the shallow end with them both and he can jump to me and swim back to the side without me having to carry both kids at the same time! He is definitely much more confident in the water now! I totally scrapped using his fun floaty suit because I think it was making him feel too safe and invincible. It was such a great idea... but not helpful when trying to motivate him to learn to swim!

Yay for summer and lots more days in the pool!


Madsen Family said...

okay. i am way impressed with andrew's swimming skills. i put will in swim lessons for 7 weeks (just once a week) and not only did he hate them, but he learned nothing. did you hire a teacher just for andrew? maybe that's why he is so good. i am way impressed. tell andrew he's doing a great job.

Kevin and Kristina said...

Jessy- the place is intense and he is doing private lessons. He did 4 weeks T/TH and now he's done almost two weeks MWF. Going several times a week and then practicing on the off days seems to be making a big difference.

Now... I didn't say Andrew doesn't hate them :) He never wants to go, and usually cries a few times in the lesson (yesterday he didn't though), but always says he loved it if u ask him afterwards.

I am really liking private lessons for Andrew's personality. He sucks up a lot of attention.