Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sports Camp

This week Andrew spent a few days at Sports Camp. He loved every second of it! Camp was for three hours in the morning and was filled with tumbling, sports games, crafts projects, and snack time.

His favorite thing was playing bowling (am I surprised?)... except he said that his coaches didn't have enough pins to make a big triangle :) (or maybe they didn't want to set up triangles for him any more? :))

He ate lots of fishy crackers and some grapes (which he doesn't like, but still tried). He also did an awesome job telling the coaches when he needed to go to the bathroom. I love that he is now completely potty trained... though I'm sure he'll still have accidents from time to time.

He made a stylin sports themed visor today and was pretty proud of it... so I had to snap a photo. I think we are both sad that camp is over now! We may sign up again next week :)

I didn't document any of the fun things I did while he was at camp each morning ;) ... but they included...

- unpacking everything from our trip
- doing lots and lots of laundry
- going running every morning on treadmill while Cate napped
- cleaning out my fridge (it was really really gross after being neglected for awhile)
- doing lots and lots of dishes
- reading stories with Cate as part of our 5-A-Day-Books Challenge
- showering and actually doing my hair every day
- and playtime with Catie bug!

Hmm... I think Andrew got the better end of that deal. Although I did enjoy having time to cuddle and play with Caitlin with no interruptions.

Hooray for Sports Camp!

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