Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Memorial Day was mostly spent remembering our junk... and trying to find ways to organize it and get rid of it. We didn't do anything patriotic, we just did spring cleaning with a few breaks here and there for some fun...

Kevin's fun was having a photo shoot with baby Cate who had just woken up face down in a pool of saliva (she sleeps on her stomach now and wakes up with the most awesome hairdos).

Look at that comb over and sweet baldness in the back... that is actually coming in very very blond... so blond that you can't even tell there is hair there, right? :)

Kev also took Andrew to the pool and hot tub (despite the cold and windy weather).

They had a lot of fun and Andrew flew really high.

We ended the day with Baja Fresh take out. The tostada salads must be getting smaller because I've never finished one before and yesterday I licked the plate clean :) Either that or I am still refueling from the 1/2 marathon.

Best part of the day was that all my junk was put away (at least the designated junk that I was organizing that day)... and we went to bed with a semi-clean house. I'm hoping it stays organized and clean (especially my closet) for longer than a few days. Now that Catie bug is 6 months old I don't really have the excuse that I have a newborn anymore. :(

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