Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer 2011 Bucket List

If you look up at the top of the blog, I have a new tab called Summer 2011 Bucket List

Welcome June! I already feel like we have too much to do and not enough time now that I have posted our list. It is going to be a BUSY summer!

I didn't list things like sit outside next to the baby pool for hours on end while Andrew plays in it and splashes... because that is a given... but I listed fun local activities we want to do... and some projects that could be cool to try. I narrowed the list down... I think, but I'll probably still add more to it. 

I am also planning a Camp Mom Series on my Toddler Approved blog again. It was a lot of fun to do last summer and I am collecting ideas for themes, so pass any thoughts along if you have them. 

The goals of Camp Mom are the following:
1) use materials we already have around the house (so we save some $$)
2) focus on a new theme each session

3) have fun together! (either just as a family... or with friends we invite to join us)

Anyways... I may delete some things on my list if you share your cool ideas that are better and more exciting to me. What's on your summer schedule? 

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Sarah said...

I love your summer bucket list idea- I am now inspired to do my own.