Monday, June 20, 2011

It's an ice cream kinda day

I've been detoxing the past week. Mostly from diet Coke... and pinterest. We needed to break up for a week or two. Both are addicting... especially the diet Coke. 

My substitute for diet Coke has been ice cream... or popsicles. Once the weather hits 85, chocolate and I are on a hiatus. Finding melted M&Ms in my purse or on my pants (because I sat on them) just isn't appealing... and happens way too much!

Today I decided we'd run to the park instead of driving... since I've been eating so much ice cream (Magnum bars). The park is 2 miles away which isn't too bad. I found nice cool summer outfits for Cate & Andrew. Cate's outfit was size 3-6 (an amazing Gymboree sale purchase by my mom from last summer). I was sad that we might have missed the window of her wearing the cute outfit... so I squished her in it. Love those chunky thighs :) Fortunately Gymboree clothes are usually bigger than they say, so the shirt didn't show off too much of her mid-drift. :)

Anyways, we went running at noon. It felt hot. By the time we ran (UPHILL the whole way) to the park, I was dying. I could not figure out what was wrong with me... until a friend told me it was around 95 degrees.

And we still had to run home.

The kids played in the water features until the tantrums were beginning and you could tell it was past naptime... and then I started the dreaded run home.

During the summer we always stop at the gas station for popsicles on the run home. We got doubles today... and I even had one while I ran.

When we got home, Cate took a nap. I turned up the AC so that it was freezing, sent the little man to his room for "quiet time"... and I sat down with a ginormous cup of ice and the last book of the Hunger Games and vegged.... and maybe had a scoop or two of ice cream.

... and did none of the dishes awaiting me in the sink... or folded any of the clean laundry that is begging to be put away.

I think I'm going to call today Ice Cream day and tomorrow Monday... and so tomorrow maybe I'll actually get something productive done... since cleaning out a pint of B&J's probably isn't going to count.

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Sarah said...

You are hilarious and are the Magnum bars delicious? The commercials are quite enticing but i have not tried them yet.