Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Party Pics

Here are the invites we sent out for Andrew's party (w/ some address info photo-shopped out). I got the inspiration here. Mine weren't as cute, but took less time to make. :)

You can find more b-day party pictures here.

Andrew's Ball Carnival Birthday Party

The ball room:

the punch balls were my favorite... we are still playing with them today

The Carnival event stations:

1: Shooting two

2. Goodie Bag Making
(with our stylish Carnival employee- Elise)

3. Slide bowling

4. Coloring Wall
(I had so much fun drawing pictures for this. I think we need
something like this permanently up at our house. Andrew is still coloring it today.)

5. Pin the ball on the wall

The food:

The birthday boy was a total ham. Sang "Happy Birthday" to himself while blowing out the candles throughout the song. This time we only had to relight them three times though.

The cake (this was our only big disaster... we are just glad it was in one piece for the party):

Before the madness began

The playrooms upstairs were also a hit as the party wound down

Andrew loved showing his friends his new train table

Some of the guests:

I think he walked around with both balloons the whole party!

(this was my fav pic of the day- all three of them w/ their phones out)

Little man is still opening his presents

He prefers to do it slowly and play with each toy for awhile. I think we'll be opening them all week.

Thanks to those who drove over or up for Andrew's ball carnival (and also to those who flew over :))! We were happy to have you come celebrate with us! We had a lot of fun and we think the birthday boy had a better time than we did.

I already can't wait til next year!

(If this isn't enough pictures for you, I'll post more later today on Picassa. Enjoy!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

We will be sleeping well tonight

The moment that Andrew's big birthday bash ended (more to come on that later)...

I headed over to church to set up for Danville's Got Talent (our youth fundraiser). I was the committee chair of the kids games for the evening (ages 18 months -9 years-old). Fortunately I had several awesome youth committee members to help me.

The little kids played with play dough, a parachute, balls, balloons, and did coloring (I brought a lot of the leftover stuff from Andrew's party)

The big kids did hopscotch, heads up 7-up, duck duck goose, musical chairs, bowling, coloring, basketball games, and hit each other with balls and balloons.

The hour and a half + was pure madness, but a lot of fun.

After that, I scarfed down some lasagna and joined Kev to watch the variety show. I performed with the other YW leaders in the "Pump It Up" act and was joined by celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Jack LaLane, Hans & Frans, and Richard Simmons.

Fortunately my one line was dropped to make more time for Richard Simmons and singing YMCA. Since my voice is gone, that was much appreciated.

Then we both spent the rest of the evening tag teaming as we tried to watch the show and keep tabs on this crazy boy. The highlight of the evening was when Andrew ran up and grabbed the mic and began singing in front of the audience (fortunately the mic was off).

He also did laps through the dessert tables along with the rest of the toddlers.

It was all worth it to see the Silent Monks in the last act. They did an incredible job and overall the youth raised thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for summer camp.

(I also helped paint the huge sign- isn't it beautiful? :))

It is now 9:30pm and we are vegging... and then we'll start planning our lessons for church tomorrow. I think the YW and I might have nap time during my teaching hour.

You can understand why I've reunited with an old friend to make it through the weekend. :)

The Cadbury stash isn't cutting it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

On your birthday you get to do whatever you want

Lick your fingers

Eat M&Ms for breakfast

Order lunch for yourself

Slide on the slide however you want

Feed the duckies as much bread as you want (even if it is a whole slice and not torn up)

Cover your whole plate with ketchup (and mustard) all by yourself- even though you won't eat hardly any of it

Ride or push all the toys around the toy store

and even get a cool new present to help bribe you to leave the toy store

Help make your birthday cake

Squeeze as much frosting as you want all over yourself and and your cupcake (your pre-cake appetizer)

Watch Sports games at dinner

Eat french fries at every meal

Blow out your candles ten times

Open presents and play with them wayyy past your bedtime

Being a two-year-old rocks! Happy Birthday little man! We love you!

Tomorrow we're in charge again.