Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July Crafts Class

We had a little 4th of July crafts class this afternoon... that was kind of also like a little party.

We made cute Star Cookie Cutter Prints

and Firework Candy Rocket Pops

Andrew loved stuffing his rocket full of taffy

I love this picture because this is as close to an "on command" smile as I get
(it kind of looks pained, but is still pretty cute)

Once all the kids (and moms) finished up the rocket pops, all the kids got together to pull their rockets.

Candy fell out of the bottom of their rocket pops and they scrambled for M&Ms, taffy... and mostly all just wanted to eat their tootsie pops...

and they lasted a long time...

until... it was popsicle time! We had firecracker popsicles!
(continuing with the 4th of July theme)

After we pumped the kids full of sugar and let them run around a lot, we sent them all home with their little crafts.

I think our first little class was a success! Can't wait for next month.

Mullet Man is Gone

Andrew's mullet is finally gone. We had the hair intervention today- finally! You can't see it in this picture, but it was bad. He was starting to get heat rash under his hair too because it has been SO HOT lately. Now the little guy just looks stylin.


To top it off, we had our first ever positive hair cutting experience (since he was an infant). Last time I took him to get his hair cut at this same cool place he ended up having to be full bodied restrained by me in a chair... shirtless, lollipop juice dripping from his mouth, and hair every where. So gross!

His hair was getting so raggedy and sticking up everywhere!

We go to this place called Cool Tops in San Ramon. It is a kid's dream sort of place (movies to watch, cars to drive, treats and toys)... so that's why I was so confused by the hard time he had last time.

I took tons of pictures because I was waiting for the meltdown and was amazed when it wasn't happening. Now Kevin can totally feel like he was with us for the entire hair cut trip :)

All done! He watched Toy Story, drove the motorcycle, and got a lollipop. Such a fabulous visit and worth every penny for those happy 15 minutes.

He loved checking himself out in the mirror and touching his spikey hair. He also beams when I tell him how handsome he looks.

Now I feel like so much less of a slacker! Hopefully I can keep his hair looking cute and less scraggly. I have no clue how to do my own hair... let alone someone else's hair.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The better part of the week

Looking back on last week and this past weekend I'm having a hard time remembering anything other than sickos, gatorade, laundry, and a lot of other awful stuff... so I uploaded my pictures from last week and was happy to discover that a lot more than that happened.

Here are a few of a highlights...

- We took a trip down to Sunnyvale for a double twin trouble b-day party!
Andrew & Mattheww had fun chasing dogs and running far away from the party... and little man also enjoyed the cake.

- We did a lot of 4th of July activities

- We also played tennis ball baseball in the garage (this was when Andrew was sick, so he wasn't as animated as usual)

- We even had a short visit from Uncle Scott (all the way from New Hampshire)

- We made cakes with peppermint frosting

- We got really messy eating the chocolate cakes!!

- We said goodbye to some fabulous friends who are moving and spent the day at Happy Hollow with them.
Cute Nat & Claire riding Danny the Dragon

Andrew loved playing with Claire (as long as she didn't touch him... or anything that "belonged" to him)... but he did love feeding her goldfish crackers and trying to feed her his popsicle.

We are going to miss these guys. Nat was my visiting teaching companion for many years and we have become great friends.

- We also enjoyed turning our AC on tonight and enjoying the cool air!

See... that made me feel so much better. Last week wasn't all bad at all! I am glad I took pictures so I could remember all the happier things that we did.

Here's to hoping that next week is even better!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cake Pops

I have never made cake pops, but I think they sound absolutely delicious...

Can you believe how cute these Toy Story themed ones are from Bakerella?

I am a sucker for anything Toy Story themed right now. Andrew loves the show and I am looking forward to taking him to Toy Story 3 when we have a free day (when we aren't all laid out with the flu, like we are right now).

I am obviously feeling a bit better now though... because yesterday I wanted anything chocolatey that I saw to die.

If you're creative and talented, you should make these... or you can just look at them like I am doing and wish that someone else would make them for you :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Missing our little buddy

Last week this little cutie was always by my side...

Andrew & I are both missing her.

They were such goofballs together.

He even introduced her to his favorite TV shows. :)

And he always made sure she got what he was having (as long as no sacrifice on his part was required).

I have hundreds of pictures to organize so that I can post about all the fun adventures we had together. I am still recovering from it all. Fortunately I have my voice back now at least!

Maddie, we think you need to come visit us so that we aren't missing your smiles and giggles so much!

Choo Choo Express!

We have been trying to go on the Tilden Park steam train for awhile now. Today we finally made it!

Andrew was sooo excited! He thought he was on the choo choo express and sang the Mickey Mouse song while we rode.

He also loved to say "Hi condocter" (sounded like doctor) to every random volunteer at the station... and loved holding his ticket.

The steam puff and whistle were his favorite part... until we sat right behind the conductor and then the steam puffs totally freaked him out.

The train went through a tunnel, under lots of trees, and had a whistle- everything you need for a perfect train ride.

After the steam train, we headed over to the Merry-Go-Round. There happened to be a big Thomas train and train table there...

It was funny to watch all the crazy kids fight over the three Thomas trains on the track. Fortunately Andrew was only minimally involved in the fighting today and didn't harm anyone. :)

After all the train excitement, we went on the Merry-Go-Round.

And if that wasn't excitement enough, Andrew decided to be sick all afternoon once we got home.

My beautiful and clean house now needs lots of help. He laid around most of the afternoon watching TV... so I enjoyed a break on the couch. By the end of the afternoon he was fortunately feeling a bit better.

Despite the loads of laundry I had to do and lots of mopping... I loved the extra cuddling. At prayer time tonight he just wanted to cuddle on my lap. We made slushies to try and get him to take in more fluids and he was so appreciative. What a little sweetheart.

Hopefully he hurries up and gets better so that we can get back to all the fun adventures we have planned!