Monday, May 30, 2011

BBQs, Birthdays, and Biting

We've been doing a lot of playing with Grandma this weekend. Sundays are awesome because we have a lot of chill time after church to relax.

I love Caitlin's reaction to dancing Elmo... especially when he fell over on her.

We spent a lot of time outside watching Andrew play bocce ball, hit baseballs, and run around.

Cate continued to demonstrate her favorite activity- biting on her fingers.

The BBQ made it's spring debut this weekend. We had to deck out the table in honor of Memorial Day.

Kevin made his special cheesy burgers and homemade BBQ sauce and we went to town on yummy food. I inhaled way too many cheddar sour cream & onion chips :)

Catiebug got to join in on the eating fun (after trying to knock all of Kevin's dishes off the table)... we let her eat some Baby Mum Mums. She mostly just bites them and then spits them out everywhere. Messy girl! That might be the first (and last) time she gets to eat those for awhile.

We ended the evening with some birthday celebrating for Grandma (double chocolate Ghirardelli brownies and mint chip ice cream).

The lucky birthday girl gets to fly home tomorrow and then hang out with Scott, my dad, and Elise... so in one long weekend she'll get to celebrate with all of her kids! I think that is a pretty awesome way to spend a birthday weekend.

Happy Birthday Grandma Julie! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Marathon Kinda Day

This morning my mom and I went for a run... a long one :) (13.1 miles in the Danville 1/2 Marathon) We had a cute little cheerleader that clapped for us at the end and told us that we did a very good job! He was so proud of his momma and Grandma Julie.

(although it looks like we were in last place... there were other people behind us... they were just all spread out and much farther back!)

We ran it faster than I thought we would... so I actually had to call Kevin when we were about 2 miles away and tell him to hurry and drive to the finish line or they would miss us. I had two goals for the 1/2 marathon- finish it... and not faint at the end.

I accomplished both goals. Sometimes it helps to have low expectations :) I fainted after the last two long races I did (St. George Marathon and Lake Tahoe 1/2 Marathon)... fainting and getting sick and dizzy is not fun. Sooo glad that didn't happen today! I should've set a goal to look cute after the run... but obviously you can tell from these pictures, that one wasn't accomplished :)

My cousin Jenny ran the 1/2 marathon too (and brought a whole crew of friends with her). She did an amazing job.

I was so glad that my little cheering section got to come support me as well! Caitlin did an especially good job being loud... mostly because she didn't want to take a bottle all morning for Kevin and then decided not to take a nap too. :)

After we relaxed, napped, showered, and recovered a bit from the race, the girls headed off for an afternoon of belated birthday fun for my mom (her birthday was yesterday).

Catie bug cooperated and zonked out while we relaxed at Tootsies and got pedicures.

Tootsies is an adorable nail salon and shoe store AND it is right next door to the Danville Chocolate Shop... so we got treats and diet cokes and then just lounged in our chairs chatting for almost two hours while we got massaged and had our toes painted.

I let Jessie help pick out my color and for once I actually liked how my toes turned out. Usually I pick a very boring color that looks exactly like my skin color and then I feel like the whole pedicure experience was a waste!

Cate woke up just in time for dinner and shopping at the Nordstrom 1/2 yearly sale. What a smart little girl!

She loved cuddling with me at dinner and chomping down on pieces of bread that we let her suck on. She was acting a little grumpy, so I stuck a teether in her mouth and discovered two pointy little teeth popping up through her bottom gums. I cannot believe my little babe is already getting teeth! Crazy! Last week the doctor told me no teeth were coming anytime soon.

I gave her lots of extra cuddles and teething toys (and some tylenol)... since grumpy girls are no fun when we are shopping :)

We went to Il Fornaio for dinner and it was amazing. I had the butternut squash ravioli and I licked the plate clean. I haven't eaten anything I've like that much (that was real food, not treats) in a LONG time!

Our trip to Nordstroms was also successful and we ended the night with some cookies from Draegers and some chit chatting at my house.

We were exhausted! Not only did we run a 1/2 marathon... but then I felt like we shopped a 1/2 marathon too! I will sleep well tonight!

I refueled before bed with some yummy Mrs. Fields ice cream (had to gain back all the lost calories from the long run earlier in the day, right?).

Now it is time to hit the sack!

(PS- I didn't get that great of a picture of it... but Caitlin is wearing THE MOST adorable skirt created by my favorite seamstress, Liz Balena :) You can see the outfit in closer detail here).

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lazy summer days are coming!!

Today gave me a glimpse of how I am hoping the summer goes... and I loved it.

We made rainbow pudding pops and a little sail boat

We attempted to float the boat down the waterfalls at the park...

The boat crashed and burned...

So then we just had straw races... we would've done them forever if Cate hadn't been dying of boredom.

We ran around like crazy people and Andrew made new friends (and played nicely with them)

He also spent some quality time with his other new friends (a whole passel of sticks)

Sticks + hitting water + rocks + scaring mom to death = fun for a long time for little boys

Catie bug and I just watched and practiced her sitting up skills. She fell over the second this photo was taken.

Once we finally coerced Andrew away from the park, we went home and he showered. He LOVES the shower right now. I got the most awesome recording of him singing "I saw her standing there" in the shower today that I will have to upload soon. To him the shower is like an indoor racquetball court with water. He will stay in there throwing balls and toys and splashing until the water is ice cold... he loves it that much.

We ended our relaxing day with FHE. Our lesson was about Helamen and how he obeys his parents. We are using these awesome books by David Bowman for FHE each week and they are a big hit! The lesson went in one ear and out the other... but we played "Helamen Says" and it was the highlight of my day. We might need to play that game every day. Andrew did everything I said for 10 minutes (until we switched turns)... it was a much needed break from the "NO" that is the current response for everything (even when it isn't really an answer, "Andrew, do you want a brownie or a cookie?..."--"NO!").

Cate just smiled and sat in Andrew's little chair while we played. She was mesmerized by her crazy brother who was kicking stuffed animals and making up songs. I love watching her watch him... especially because the smiles she gives him are just so precious... and I am never quick enough to catch them on camera. I also love how Cate's cheeks are always rosy pink like a little china doll. The girl is just so precious! I love this age!

I am looking forward to more lazy summer days filled with water play, popsicles, trips to the park, and just hanging out together!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Super Packed Saturday

Get prepared for an overabundance of photos. 

Saturday was crazy busy... and then also relaxing. I loved it. We got nothing we needed to get done, done... but oh well?!

Andrew had his last day of t-ball. I have video footage I'll post later. They played a game the entire time.  It was like little kiddie soccer (you know, when they run in herds all for the same ball) + tackle football all rolled into one.

Look at that form as he goes to throw the ball to 1st base. :) We've got a MLB player in our future ;)

High fives for dad (who camped out in the field to make sure that Andrew didn't injure anyone... they were all a little obsessed with getting the ball)

There was at least one adult at each base showing the kids where to run next... it was really funny because sometimes, despite all the help, they still ran to the wrong place.

Waiting for his turn to pow the ball

At the end of the game, Cubby, the mascot of the Cubbies team, gave them all awards. It was awesome because the kids all got their awards... but the majority of them were scared of the bear. Hardly anyone wanted to take pictures with him and a few kids were crying when it was time to get their award. So funny!

Andrew was pretty stoked about his medal. Here he is, admiring it :)

The admiration was short-lived. The medal was tossed on the floor when we got home and he hasn't mentioned it since.

The excitement over the award was also quickly gone when snacks started coming out.

We celebrated the end of the t-ball season with a trip to Jamba Juice... we ran into a few of Andrew's teammates there too, so that was fun.

Caitlin was ready to dig in and start eating everything. I'm interested to see how she does when we introduce her to food. She loves grabbing at whatever we have, but I don't think she really gets what she is grabbing at... though she does like to say "mmmm."

Andrew loved being hat buddies with Cate (I figured since her hair is so thin on top, it was about time to get her a hat for when she's in the Bjorn and out in the sun. She loved it).

Saturday afternoon included lots of naps and downtime. I got to go help set up for an adorable Carnival themed Sweet Sixteen party. It was one of the highlights of my day. I love parties... and especially parties where I am not in charge! (no stress!)

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

After the party was underway, we took a family trip up to Blackhawk for dinner. Every time I go shopping up there I smell all the yummy food at The Little Pear... so we finally decided to go try it out. The view is beautiful (outside, right by the water) and our seats were perfect (right by several other families with loud toddlers).

They had an amazing grilled cheese with parmesan crusted bread (mmm!) and plenty of other yummy dishes. While we waited for food, Andrew & Kevin ran around and chased ducks by the playground and checked out the fountains.

Cate and I watched the sun start to set while I sipped my diet coke. It was so peaceful and relaxing (until the cutie pie spit up all over me)!

The evening ended with a little browsing in Anthro (Kevin & Andrew were my fashion consultants) before we headed home to work on lessons for Sunday. Kevin is a great shopping buddy. As long as I want to buy something that has color (and is not black) he is all for it. The Anthro gift cards that I've had for years have been burning a hole in my pocket lately... so Cate & I may be having another shopping date tomorrow morning. It feels so nice to FINALLY feel like actually going shopping for myself. 

What a great Saturday!