Sunday, May 15, 2011

A few weekend accomplishments

We actually accomplished a few things this weekend... though from the state of our house you would think we just sat on the couch the whole time.

1. I had a fun Friday morning shopping with Cate and FINALLY made it to Anthro at Blackhawk. It has taken a year. We will be going back soon. We also ate brownies at Draegers and shopped in all the baby boutiques. I think we might have to make this a weekly tradition next year when Andrew is at preschool.

2. I ran 9 miles. This is my new mantra. It is completely true. 

After this past week I was considering signing myself up for therapy. Andrew is not in a happy place lately. It is KILLING me.

My other manta is this one. So, so true. I could've run a marathon with how many hours I thought about running 9 miles... before I actually did.

3. We also made it to t-ball on Saturday. This was actually an accomplishment with how crazy our Saturday was... and how many times I locked myself out of my car. We spent the morning cleaning the church... and made it over just in time for a mini t-ball game. HYSTERICAL.

6 kids hitting the ball (attempting to wait in line for their turn) + 10 kids (plus parents) in the field... tackling one another for the ONE ball that was hit. Andrew was king of the tacklers.

We also played sharks & minnows

And then they all decided to turn on the sharks (the coaches)

and take them down!

4. We (mostly Kevin) unpacked our new dining room tables/chairs/sideboard and set everything up. I spent time shopping and googling decorating ideas for runners, centerpieces, and large vases and other objects to decorate with. Next we actually need to fix the chandelier and move it over so that we can move the table more to the right. We also need a rug for under the table... I'm having the hardest time figuring out what I want... we need some color and it needs to coordinate somewhat with this Brant Rug we have in the other part of the big living room/dining room combo. Pass along any ideas!

5. I also FINALLY signed Andrew up for swimming lessons. He starts on Tuesday. If I had a dollar for how much time I have spent looking for swimming places for him I would be a millionaire (I started looking when he was 6 months old and just never finalized anything or made a decision until now). I have the hardest time committing to things sometimes!

6. Lastly, we got the garage cabinets and flooring done. Next up is painting the walls, doors, and stem wall... and then it will actually look like we did something.

Here's kind of a before shot: 

And afterwards:

I love that they could hide the water heater and I am SO excited about the ginormously deep drawers and cupboards. We'll be adding grid things on the side walls with hooks for jogging strollers, bikes, tools, lacrosse sticks, ladders, etc. once we paint. 

Best part is that both cars fit in and we can still open the cupboards and drawers (at least most of the way). Hooray!

Now, if I actually put the laundry away and clean up the kitchen tonight... I will feel like we had a productive weekend!   

And I'll end this post with a picture of Cate testing out the new dining room chairs earlier in the week... don't want her to feel left out :) 


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