Friday, May 13, 2011

Pre-K at Google Day. Simply Awesome.

I think this newest Google event is my favorite so far. Take Your Child to Work Day was held at Google on April 28th... but was only for the Kindergarten- High School crowd. This year they had an option for the littler people a few weeks later- Pre-K at Google Day... and both Andrew and I were pretty excited.

They had a petting zoo, a couple of bounce houses, an obstacle course, food, and some fun shows... Andrew & Kevin had a blast goofing around together. All the excitement was exhausting!

They gave all the kids Google sun hats and sun glasses. Adorable!

The live entertainment from these singing parrots from Happy Birds was amazing. Kev said they sounded like actual people.

After they did everything at the Pre-K party... Kev took Andrew over to check out the new Google Bowling Alley. It is only for Googlers (not kids and families)... but Andrew had fun watching people bowl. It was pretty much the highlight of his week. If at some point they decide to let families go and bowl there... Andrew will make sure we are first on the list.


The guys LOVED having some time together, just the two of them! Kevin was in Oregon on a business trip most of the week and flew back on Thursday morning on a 5am flight just to make sure he would make it home to take Andrew to Pre-K day. He is a super dad and Andrew definitely appreciated the sacrifice! If you know Kevin, you know he treasures his sleep and 5am flights are not ones he likes to take.

If Andrew didn't already want to work at Google when he grows up... I think he does now :)

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