Monday, May 16, 2011

"Andrew would never..."

I gotta stop saying that.

This post is for you Grandpa Kim... for when you wake up in the night and need a good laugh... hopefully these pics will send you off to dreamland with a smile.

It was super cold today. We went to the park with some friends. The moms and I were chatting and then all of a sudden we saw the kids playing by the water features... (it was freezing)

As we got closer... we realized they were pantless! 

I edited the pictures so that nothing important was getting shown off on the internet... I was about to get mad at Andrew for running around the park nekked... but then instead I just grabbed my camera.

The kid totally ran into the sand area and rubbed sand all over himself too. Sweet.

Must've been the freedom he felt with his pants off :)

Since today was the only day (ever) that I didn't have an extra pair of pants with me... we were totally white trash and the kid ran around the park in his underwear (once I coerced him to put them on). I pretended like I didn't know him... until it was time to head home... and even then I let him run in front of us with my friend (instead of with me)... until I could sneak him in car.

Loved seeing his Thomas the Train underwear-covered little bum climbing up the slide.

This little boy totally cracks me up!


The Mostess said...

Hilarious. I would totally have denied being his mom.

E J said...

Tuck this one away for the wedding slideshow!