Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little climber

I have been talking about signing Andrew up for gymnastics for months (remember this post?). We kept going out of town or had different events pop up, so I kept forgetting... but now that things are slowing down with some of our regularly scheduled activities since it is the end of the year, I finally signed him up! He had his first class this morning and loved it. 

(Hanging out with his coach at the end of class)

It is completely for fun and isn't trying to train Olympic gymnasts. There are four to five stations that the kids move through during the 50 minute class and there are different activities for them to do at each station. They have some 1:1 time with an instructor and some free choice time to try out different skills on equipment by themselves.

It is great to see Andrew listen to the coach, stay in the same general area with the class (most of the time), and get a great workout too!

It is drop off gymnastics, so I can stay and watch, but I can also leave. This morning Cate and I had a fun time shopping at Costco while Andrew had class. At first I thought it was lame for me to leave him on his first day of class (although we've been there before for free-trial classes), but when I came back about 5 minutes before the end of class, he kept coming over to the parent's area to say hi and tell me he was tired... so I knew that me being gone was probably the right move.

He showed off a few of his skills for me at his last station and I managed to snap some pictures (since I was gone for the other ones).

I also liked that the class was pretty small today- 3 kids all around age 3.

I remember really liking gymnastics when I was little, so I'm excited that Andrew gets to try it out... especially if he builds some stronger muscles so he can do more fun things on the playground.

I doubt it will be something that we do year-round, but I'm definitely excited about having him try a session or two before we try something else. He gets to go to a Sports themed gymnastics camp in a few weeks and I think he is going to love it! Now that he's tried several activities in town, it is kinda fun to run into other kids at the mall and stores from his classes and teams and feel like he's making more friends.

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