Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Marathon Kinda Day

This morning my mom and I went for a run... a long one :) (13.1 miles in the Danville 1/2 Marathon) We had a cute little cheerleader that clapped for us at the end and told us that we did a very good job! He was so proud of his momma and Grandma Julie.

(although it looks like we were in last place... there were other people behind us... they were just all spread out and much farther back!)

We ran it faster than I thought we would... so I actually had to call Kevin when we were about 2 miles away and tell him to hurry and drive to the finish line or they would miss us. I had two goals for the 1/2 marathon- finish it... and not faint at the end.

I accomplished both goals. Sometimes it helps to have low expectations :) I fainted after the last two long races I did (St. George Marathon and Lake Tahoe 1/2 Marathon)... fainting and getting sick and dizzy is not fun. Sooo glad that didn't happen today! I should've set a goal to look cute after the run... but obviously you can tell from these pictures, that one wasn't accomplished :)

My cousin Jenny ran the 1/2 marathon too (and brought a whole crew of friends with her). She did an amazing job.

I was so glad that my little cheering section got to come support me as well! Caitlin did an especially good job being loud... mostly because she didn't want to take a bottle all morning for Kevin and then decided not to take a nap too. :)

After we relaxed, napped, showered, and recovered a bit from the race, the girls headed off for an afternoon of belated birthday fun for my mom (her birthday was yesterday).

Catie bug cooperated and zonked out while we relaxed at Tootsies and got pedicures.

Tootsies is an adorable nail salon and shoe store AND it is right next door to the Danville Chocolate Shop... so we got treats and diet cokes and then just lounged in our chairs chatting for almost two hours while we got massaged and had our toes painted.

I let Jessie help pick out my color and for once I actually liked how my toes turned out. Usually I pick a very boring color that looks exactly like my skin color and then I feel like the whole pedicure experience was a waste!

Cate woke up just in time for dinner and shopping at the Nordstrom 1/2 yearly sale. What a smart little girl!

She loved cuddling with me at dinner and chomping down on pieces of bread that we let her suck on. She was acting a little grumpy, so I stuck a teether in her mouth and discovered two pointy little teeth popping up through her bottom gums. I cannot believe my little babe is already getting teeth! Crazy! Last week the doctor told me no teeth were coming anytime soon.

I gave her lots of extra cuddles and teething toys (and some tylenol)... since grumpy girls are no fun when we are shopping :)

We went to Il Fornaio for dinner and it was amazing. I had the butternut squash ravioli and I licked the plate clean. I haven't eaten anything I've like that much (that was real food, not treats) in a LONG time!

Our trip to Nordstroms was also successful and we ended the night with some cookies from Draegers and some chit chatting at my house.

We were exhausted! Not only did we run a 1/2 marathon... but then I felt like we shopped a 1/2 marathon too! I will sleep well tonight!

I refueled before bed with some yummy Mrs. Fields ice cream (had to gain back all the lost calories from the long run earlier in the day, right?).

Now it is time to hit the sack!

(PS- I didn't get that great of a picture of it... but Caitlin is wearing THE MOST adorable skirt created by my favorite seamstress, Liz Balena :) You can see the outfit in closer detail here).


Liz said...

Looks like such a fun day!! Running, pedi, shopping, and good food - what more could any one ask for!

I love that you love the outfits I made Caitlin. She looks darling as always!

I'm also totally liking the colorful additions to your wardrobe. Cute green shirt and white cardigan!!

Ashley said...

I am so so impressed at your running--and even moreso at your mom's running! How cool would it be to be able to do that when we are grandmas!

You guys always know how to spend an afternoon. I always wish I could be in your family for the shopping and eating--but I don't think I could keep up with the running!

Amy said...

You look amazing! Not that I'd expect anything less! Still can't believe I haven't met Caitlin yet! Sorry for being a bad friend! I'm calling you soon, though! xoxox